Fear the Walking Dead: Episode 4 prediction polls

Walker and Nick, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Walker and Nick, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC /

“The Calvary’s arrived. It’s gonna get better now.” Travis has a guarded sense of safety and hope. He thinks that things will soon get back to normal. Somehow the authorities will figure out what this sickness is and they’ll all be okay.

Madison is starting to have some doubts. Daniel knows it’s too late. The rest are in different stages of figuring things out and everyone is in their own place dealing with the feelings of panic, fear, denial, disbelief, and anxiety.

We are halfway through the 6 episode first season of AMC’s  Fear the Walking Dead. Let’s make some predictions about episode 4.

Let’s get two standard predictions out of the way first. Will we see Gloria again? We haven’t left for the desert so it’s still possible, but I don’t think it’s necessary or relevant anymore. So much has happened since then. Someone mentioned the idea that Nick could go back and put her down like Rick did with bicycle girl and I wrote a whole story about that. Unless many of you expect to see her again, this will be the last time I put her in the prediction polls.

Tobias. Quick fan favorite. Will we see him again?

Griselda is badly hurt. Will she get some medical assistance now that the National Guard has arrived?

Nick has been wearing the same clothes he stole from the old man in the hospital. Is he practicing to be the Daryl Dixon of Los Angeles? Is it because he’s an addict and doesn’t care about anything but his drugs? Will he find some clothes to change into sometime in episode 4?

Will there be a major death in episode 4?

What are some other things you think might happen next week. What about before the end of the season? Is Fear the Walking Dead your first Walking Dead or do you watch the original? Do you find yourself still comparing?

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