Fear the Walking Dead: Gloria and Bicycle Girl

Gloria and victim. Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Gloria and victim. Fear The Walking Dead - AMC /

Adam wrote about our fan question of the week in his article, Where is Gloria? Will she return? Zack Ray Rider and Shaggy Sneed both asked questions on our Facebook this week about seeing Gloria again. Shaggy also wondered where Gloria was when Travis and Madison returned to the church.

As Adam said, we passed that question along to our friends at TheStream.tv‘s Fear The Walking Dead After Show. who gave us their opinions on what is going on with Gloria and whether or not we’ll see her again.  Here are what the show’s hosts Su Castillo and Michael Tiberi had to say:

After reading the article, The Walking Jen on Twitter wondered if Nick might go back and kill her the way Rick went back and killed Bicycle Girl and told her he was sorry this happened to her. I’m very taken with that idea. I’ve written quite a bit about Gloria and Bunny Slipper Girl and Bicycle Girl as The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead’s first walker girls. Bunny Slipper Girl as the first walker we see. Bicycle Girl as the first real walker Rick encounters up close after waking up from his coma. (I’m not counting the fingers in the door or the walker on the gurney, you technical people!)

I love the idea that even if this never happens, which it probably won’t, the absence of it happening is still interesting. Nick is at a different place and time than Rick. I still love that their names rhyme! He’s in the panic time of the outbreak. He doesn’t have the luxury of wandering around and going back to find Gloria.

He still doesn’t know what these things are. He hasn’t had the Morgan school of walkers at the candlelit table. The walker vs. human concept hasn’t settled into his brain yet. Even if they figure it out logically soon, emotionally, it will take a while to process.

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And Nick is an addict. By nature he is self-absorbed and self-centered. His family is all about taking care of him and getting the family reunited. He’s not in the position that Rick was in to be in charge of the reuniting himself yet.

I was hoping to see Gloria again, but now I think it’s better that we don’t. Nick not recognizing what she was when he saw her, where Rick’s face when he saw Bunny Slipper Girl told us everything, represents the fundamental difference in time periods for the two shows. Perhaps, the continuation of that representation is that he is never able to kill his friend and say, “I’m sorry this happened to you.”

So, I wonder, too, if we’ll see Gloria again. If we do, I hope that it’s well done and keeps Gloria in her lovely first walker place along with Bunny Slipper Girl and Bicycle Girl.

Thank you, Walking Jen, for that beautiful thought. We can say it for Nick:

Gloria, we’re sorry this happened to you. 

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