Robert Kirkman and YouTube will scare you silly

Robert Kirkman, Talking Dead - AMC
Robert Kirkman, Talking Dead - AMC /

The Walking Dead‘s Robert Kirkman has teamed up with YouTube for a unique horror experience this Halloween.

Filmed at the YouTube Space in Los Angeles, California, this interactive video allows 360 degree viewing as well the ability to look both up and down.  This kind of interactive activity in the videos lets the viewer get the feeling that they can actually present in the place.

Additionally, for those who put on surround sound headphones, there are noises that can be heard to both heighten the experience and key people in on where the scary things are going to come from.

Here is the video from the YouTube Spaces YouTube account:

The inspiration from Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead and other Skybound properties are definitely present in the video.  In fact, the scene with the chair in the middle of the room reminds me of The Governor’s torture room where Andrea became trapped and the living room scene looks like the same living room as Outcast’s The Walking Dead video game’s promotional videos.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of horror any place I can find it and Halloween will be a great time to check out these videos once they are finished and enjoy what they have to offer.  While it isn’t Rick Grimes and the gang that are featured, fans of the zombie survival drama might find themselves enjoying these short, scary teasers.

Here is what IGN had to say about the availability of the videos:

"“The videos should go live between October 26 and 31, and selected videos will appear on the YouTube Spaces channel, as well as the official Skybound channel.”"

Watch for them as well as season 6 of AMC’s The Walking Dead this October.

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