Fear The Walking Dead: Who died in Not Fade Away?

Photo Credit: Justina Mintz/AMC Fear The Walking Dead
Photo Credit: Justina Mintz/AMC Fear The Walking Dead /

The stakes were definitely high in tonight’s fourth episode of Fear The Walking Dead.  A lot of suspicions were raised as the physically weak and vulnerable were removed from the “safety” of the fenced area. Could these poor souls be next on the chopping block via some governmental experimentation? I could speculate for some time, but I must get to the matter at hand, which is recounting the deaths in episode 4 “Not Fade Away”.

We had a couple of red herrings. When we see Doug’s precious car abandoned at the fence, we think he may have killed himself.  However, we learn from Moyers (who appears quite Governor-esque with his golfing practice) that Doug was taken to headquarters for “treatment”.  Then we are led to believe that Hector had passed when we see his bed empty with sheets tucked.  Wrong again!  Hector is being taken to a government hospital to receive further “care”.  So let’s move on to the actual deaths, unconventional as they may seem.

Nick Clark. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC
Nick Clark. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC /

First, we have the “death” of Nick’s old man shirt.  Upon seeing Nick lounging in the pool, I thought gleefully that perhaps we had lost the entire outfit.  However, later in the episode we see that Nick is still sporting the jacket and pants stolen from his roommate at the hospital. However, with Nick being taken away at the end of the episode, he may be in danger of losing more than his clothes!

Secondly, while we did not see his death on-screen, Madison did encounter a victim lying dead in the street with a gun beside him during her reconnaissance outside the fences.  The man did not appear to have turned and the infected do not use guns.  Therefore, one can only be suspicious of the circumstances surrounding this man’s death.

Finally, did we possibly see the “death” of Madison’s sobriety?  We saw her drinking from a mug and Travis from a liquor bottle in the garage after a rendezvous early on in the episode.  Later in the episode, she is clearly distraught by Nick’s relapse and their tumultuous encounter. We see her again in the garage drinking from the mug. She is then completely forlorn about his removal from the community at the end of the episode. She returns to the garage alone in torment with the liquor bottle seen next to her. Has she already been partaking in the libations, or about to do so? Is Madison possibly a recovering alcoholic? Does she blame herself for Nick’s addictions?

Final body count is actually 0 for this episode since:

1) A shirt is, well, a shirt. 0

2) We did not actually see the gentleman in the street die. 0

3) Questions of Madison’s sobriety are pure speculation on my part. 0

However, tonight’s episode of Fear The Walking Dead definitely introduced an entirely new level of said “fear”, not just the fear of the infected, but now the fear of the “saviors” Chris referred to in tonight’s opening scene. We are getting in deep and I can’t wait to see more of the story unfold!

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