Fear The Walking Dead S1E5 teaser videos for Cobalt

Ofelia Salazar and soldier, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Ofelia Salazar and soldier, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC /

Fear The Walking Dead is hitting points in its story now where the plot could escalate very quickly.

When we left off, Griselda Salazar had been taken by the National Guard to get medical attention for her leg.  However, they also took Nick Clark as well.  Liza went along with the soldiers to help out medically, so the group is now down three members, one from each of the families.

The survivors know there is life outside the quarantined area because of the flashing lights, but Madison’s discovery of all the dead humans outside the fenced off area leaves little optimism for the situation, as food and medical supplies are very limited.

Luckily for us, AMC has released two teasers for episode 5 of Fear The Walking Dead‘s first season.  The first promotional video is from the AMC YouTube page and was the teaser that was played at the end of Fear The Walking Dead’s fourth episode.  Here is that video:

It seems as though Daniel Salazar has a plan to bring home Griselda and Nick.  Ofelia is throwing bottles at the fence in front of the National guard, the soldiers are mobilizing and a strange man asks “What kind of man puts his wife and children in the hand of strangers?”  Meanwhile, Liza and Dr. Exner are examining people and they call out that one individual has been bitten.  Then, we see more scenes of the National Guard at work before seeing Alicia telling Chris that something is wrong.

The second preview video is also from AMC’s YouTube channel and is an extended teaser from next week.  Here is that video:

The National Guard is considering using mortars, but a soldier is trying to talk them out of it.  Meanwhile, Ofelia isn’t taking her mother’s trip to the hospital well.  She’s throwing bottles against the fence while the National Guard looks on.  It turns out her ‘relationship’ with that soldier from last episode is paying dividends, because he talks the man in charge into letting him talk to her.  He offers to take her back to Madison’s house, but she says that she can’t go back there.  Also, a soldier tries to quit his duty while the commanding officer attempts to get him back in line.

You can catch Fear The Walking Dead‘s fifth episode ‘Cobalt’ on Sunday, September 27, 2015.  Check your local listings for time and availability.

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