The Walking Dead: Exclusive interview with Josh McDermitt

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Eugene Porter and Tara Chambler, The Walking Dead - AMC
Eugene Porter and Tara Chambler, The Walking Dead – AMC /

Speaking of starting up, the NFL season is starting up.  I know you’re a Green Bay Packers fan, right?

"“Oh yeah.  Go Pack Go!”"

And I know you watch football any chance you get.  Now, I am not a Green Bay Packers fan.  I am a Minnesota Vikings fan.  I know that’s probably not as cool to you, but oh well.  How do you see the Packers doing this year?

"“Well, I mean…we’re definitely going to beat the Vikings.  We’ll win the division.  You guys might get a wild card because we both know the Bears will fall apart and the Lions don’t have a chance now that they lost Ndamukong Suh.  But I’m not upset at you for being a Vikings fan.  Most of my family is from the Midwest.  My mom’s whole family is from Minnesota, so they’re all Vikings fans.”"

Your mom’s family has some pretty smart people there.

"“That’s where I was going.  There’s stupid people in my family, obviously.  [laughs]  Hi, Aunt Janet!”"

You have two other big projects coming up.  Both Odious and Middle Man are due for release in 2016.  What can you tell us about those projects?

"“I can’t really talk about Odious, but I’ll tell you about Middle Man.  I did a movie a while ago and got to work with a man named Jim O’Heir, who played Jerry on Parks and Recreation.  And so the director of Middle Man got Jim involved in that project and the director, Ned Crowley, is a big fan of The Walking Dead and cast the guy who plays Gareth the cannibal, Andrew J. West in the movie too.  So then, Andrew said to the director ‘Hey, you should think about Josh McDermitt for this other role’ and he was like ‘The weird guy?  Really, I don’t know, man.  He’s weird.’  He said ‘No, no.  He’s not weird.  Trust me.’  So then he went to Jim and said ‘We’re looking at this Josh guy for this role.’ And Jim said ‘Oh, that’s great.  I’ve worked with him.’  So that was awesome to get the two lead actors of the movie to vouch for me.  Middle Man is a very dark comedy about a guy who is just kind of at the end of his rope and will literally do anything to achieve fame and happiness in his life.  I can’t really go into too much detail, just because I know they’re about to do a big push on it and I don’t want to spoil anything, but from what little I’ve seen so far, it’s turning out awesome and I can’t wait for people to see it.”"

Fans of The Walking Dead should watch for Middle Man and Odious.  I believe they both have a release in 2016, correct?

"“Umm.  What year are we in now?  [laughs]  Yes, 2016.”"

That’s all I have for you for now.  Is there anything you’d like to ask me or close with?

"“No, man.  I just appreciate you talking with me.  I’m really excited about The Walking Dead season 6.  I can’t wait for people to see it because it’s just going to be huge.  And massive.  The producers, I don’t know how they do it, but year after year they seem to top themselves and this year is no different.  It’s going to be great and I can’t wait for people to check it out.”"

I agree.  I can’t wait to see it myself when season 6 premieres on AMC this October.

"“Go Pack Go”"

SKOL Vikings.  Thanks again for talking with me.

"“My pleasure.”"

I’d like to once again thank Josh McDermitt and his agency for allowing Undead Walking to have this great interview.  We understand how busy things are for stars of The Walking Dead between filming the show, other projects, conventions and their own lives, it can be hard to find time.  This was an experience I really enjoyed and will never forget, and hopefully it can happen again in the future.

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