The Walking Dead: Let’s trend #Deaditforward

Abraham Ford. The Walking Dead - AMC
Abraham Ford. The Walking Dead - AMC /

I just saw a really neat story about how Harry Potter fans are leaving little notes in library books with how Harry Potter has touched their lives and wishing the magic on the new readers using the hashtag #potteritforward

Little girl zombie The Walking Dead – AMC /

For us, fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead, that show has affected us just as deeply as a book or series of books can touch people’s lives. It has moved people to read about the show, read the comics, read other apocalyptic fiction.

It has inspired people to draw, to paint, to costume play. Creativity is everywhere in The Walking Dead fandom!

It has brought families and friends and strangers together to discuss their favorite characters, to argue over characters and decisions made. To discuss what you would do in similar circumstances. To discuss morality and loyalty and themes of justice and courage. Strength and bravery, cowardice and fear and evil.

It has brought friends, families and strangers together to meet the actors at Comic-cons and on vacations to filming spots in Georgia. To have parties with cakes with pink frosting and chocolate pudding. It’s given us new meaning to everyday words and objects.

Bicycle-girl-zombie-The-Walking-Dead-AMC /

Let’s try to share our love for The Walking Dead with something as simple as #deaditforward. Be creative. Share your ideas in the comments. It could be as simple as a Tweet. I’ve shared our website with grocery store cashiers when they comment on my Walking Dead T-shirts. Maybe watch the pilot with someone new and help them to fall in love.

I don’t have the answers, that’s where you come in. #deaditforward!

And don’t forget to #deaditbackward! If someone turned you on to The Walking Dead, be sure to thank them! I thank my Dead dealer all the time!

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