Fear The Walking Dead: Who died in Cobalt?

Travis Manawa, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Travis Manawa, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC /

It turns out Cobalt is not just a color, it’s also a mission, a lethal one at that!  During episode 5 of Fear The Walking Dead, ‘Cobalt’, we find out that the military is planning a “humane” termination of all civilians the very next morning. While this sounds like a lot of deaths on the horizon, it is still a planned event, not a reality.  So who did we actually lose during tonight’s episode?  Some deaths were referenced, others suggested, and, sadly, some were seen on-screen.

Deaths Referenced

  • The soldiers reveal that they “lost Nevins last night” and we assume it was a fellow soldier.
  • Dr. Exner mentions three nurses that were taken from her staff at the hospital.  She explains where one went, but never explains the fate of “the other two” when questioned by Liza, which suggests they may no longer be alive.
  • Alicia and Chris take respite in the empty house of a wealthy family.  The two let off some steam by breaking some household objects and also enjoy a little bit of long-forgotten innocence by playing dress-up in the couple’s fancy clothes. We are not certain of the whereabouts of the wealthy family who occupied the house. Perhaps they were able to flee the area or maybe they were victims as well.
lt. moyers
lt. moyers /

Deaths Suggested

  • Travis joins the Guardsmen on a recon at a library where infected have been reported.  We hear screams which suggest that there were humans in there as well.  As the Guardsmen flee the library, one of them tells Travis that Moyers will not be coming out.  I guess the golf club swinging Moyers will not be the new Governor after all!
  • For a few minutes, some may have thought Daniel had killed Adams.  But this was not the case, as he was later seen revealing the meaning behind code: COBALT
  • Doug is forcibly removed from the holding area suggesting he is headed to the chopping block.

Deaths On-screen

Travis is unable to take down infected Kimberly at the donut shop, but a Guardsman steps in to complete the task.

Griselda Salazar’s fate is sealed after going into septic shock after having her foot surgically removed.  Following what sounds like some sort of final confession, Griselda stops breathing.  Dr. Exner, having nodded to the staff to prepare the pressure gun, gives the instrument to Liza to keep Griselda from turning.  Griselda is our first fallen member of the main cast.  I can only imagine the ripple effect this will have once our other survivors become aware of her passing.

Daniel Salazar and Griselda Salazar, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Daniel Salazar and Griselda Salazar, Fear The Walking Dead – AMC /

Body Count: 3

Griselda was most obviously a loss tonight.  And I am going out on a limb and counting Moyers and Doug in the death count as well, even though we did not see their deaths on-screen.  I’ve decided not to include terminations of the infected as we expect this will be an ongoing effort. And while it was suggested that some humans may have been killed in the library, there is no way to know how many. So, three it is for Fear The Walking Dead‘s fifth episode, ‘Cobalt’.  Do you agree?  Comment below if I missed someone!

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