Fear the Walking Dead: Where are the zombies?

Kimberly. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC
Kimberly. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC /
Gloria, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Gloria, Fear The Walking Dead – AMC /

We’ve always said that The Walking Dead isn’t about the zombies, it’s about the people. When Fear the Walking Dead came along, the actors and producers emphasized that the show would focus on the families and not the zombies. They weren’t kidding.

Where are the zombies? They’re in the arena, I guess. Don’t open, dead inside! I’m kidding. But the lack of zombies brings up a few things in my mind.

First, it may be why there are so many people that just are not getting into the show at all. They find it very slow. Perhaps the slow of the original was masked by the intermittent zombie visits.

One of my favorite funny Tweeters about The WalkingDead, El Caz, sums up the feelings of many of those not really loving Fear yet, but still watching.

The next thing it makes me think about is something I’ve written about before. The Walking Dead is so a zombie show!  We shouldn’t be ashamed of loving the zombies!

fear-the-walking-dead-producer-confirms-that-the-show-will-not-call-zombies-walkers-an-583888 /

The zombies are fascinating. They were once people. They look like people we knew. They are now just hungry monsters. They don’t mean to be the monsters they are. There’s a beauty in them. There’s a beauty in killing them. There’s an excitement in a good zombie fight.

Oh, my goodness. I just realized. The Governor was actually right about something. You shouldn’t be ashamed of enjoying the fight. You see a threat and you end it.

So where are the zombies? I think they’re coming! Hopefully, we’ll see a good zombie herd and some groaning and reaching and leaning and shuffling and creative weaponry in the finale.

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I am really enjoying Fear the Walking Dead. I’m finding it amusing how it’s dividing fans. I’m glad I’m one of those who likes it. I understand how it would be disappointing to want to love something and then just not really click with it.

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