Fear the Walking Dead: Finale Predictions and Opinions [polls]

Dr. Exner. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC
Dr. Exner. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC /
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Fear the Walking Dead just started, and now we’re moving into the season finale. We’ve been making some predictions and talking about what we think since the first episode. We wondered about Tobias, Gloria and Griselda. You chose your favorite and least the favorite characters.  Let’s make a few predictions about the finale, and share some opinions as well.

In The Walking Dead, we always wonder about deaths, and loss. We had several quick deaths right away in Fear. Many were characters we didn’t know very long or very well, but they had names. We lost Matt, Cal and Artie. We lost Peter and Susan, the neighbors. Kimberly, the donut shop worker. The golfing soldier, Lieutenant Moyers. Tobias and Patrick are just gone. And most recently, we lost Griselda.

Will we suffer losses in the finale?

Many people have been talking about not having many zombies in Fear. They’ve been focusing on individual infected ones. Where are all the zombies? Well, we know now that they’re in the arena! Will we see our first zombie herd in the finale?

The zombie apocalypse puts a completely different spin on right and wrong and ideas of morality. Let’s see what you think about some of the people and events in Cobalt.

Do you think what Daniel did was necessary under the circumstances in order to get the information about Cobalt?

Do you think Daniel is a bad man?

Victor Strand is a new character. It’s always interesting to try to assess a new character. Do you think Victor is going to join our group or will he be against our main characters? Is he going to be a villain?

A big issue in The Walking Dead is often will we stay together or be separated. Will our characters in Fear end the season in a group or split up?

If we do lose a main character in the finale, where would you place your bet?

I hope the finale is super exciting. And I’m so glad there will be a Talking Dead. I need some outside discussion to help me sort through some things.

Extra curiosity for the comments:

Cobalt calls for the humane termination of the remaining infected and civilians. Do you think this is motivated by evil or by fear as Daniel’s father said in his speech. Does the Government just think there is no way out and is completely over its head and is not equipped to handle a pandemic of these proportions. What are some of your thoughts about the government’s response and the military? Does this seem to make the military look bad? What could the government or the military do in such circumstances?

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