Fear the Walking Dead Flight 462: Part 1 [VIDEO]

Woman and young man, Fear the Walking Dead Flight 462 - AMC's YouTube channel
Woman and young man, Fear the Walking Dead Flight 462 - AMC's YouTube channel /

Now that Fear The Walking Dead’s first season has come to an end, we will have to wait until 2016 to get new full episodes of the zombie survival drama.  However, things are just getting started for Fear The Walking Dead Flight 462, which kicked off with its first installment this week.

The series will run during the commercial breaks of each season 6 episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, but those who are impatient, like me, will likely be watching all the little pieces early to get a good feel for what this miniseries will be like and try to figure out who the character will be that will join Fear The Walking Dead’s second season.

Here is part 1 of Fear The Walking Dead Flight 462 from the AMC YouTube account:

This series picks up right before the plane takes off.  People are putting things in their overhead compartments and getting comfortable to prepare for the trip to start.  A young man is very nervous about his flight, eyeing a young woman for a moment before turning his attention to his cellular phone.  It’s his mom.  She assures him that everything’s going to be alright (it likely isn’t…).

However, the passengers of the flight get word that all planes are grounded for the time being.  The flight attendant assures them that there will be takeoff if everyone would take their seat.  The young man asks his mother if they’re grounding flights, and she says she doesn’t know, but she can make the drive if needed.

Loud screams are heard from outside the plane.  He looks out the window to see what it is, but the young woman from earlier reaches over and closes the shade to his window.  There’s something bad going on, and these people are trapped in a tin can like sardines.

While that was very short, another installment of the video series should be released next week and give us more information on what is in store for the flight.  Be sure to stay tuned with Undead Walking, AMC, and The Walking Dead to check out the episodes of what could be an interesting series of videos leading up to a new character.

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