Fear the Walking Dead: Talking Dead Recap

Chris hardwick talking dead
Chris hardwick talking dead /
Chris Hardwick, Talking Dead - AMC
Chris Hardwick, Talking Dead – AMC /

Chris Hardwick hosted Dave Erickson, Kim Dickens and Cliff Curtis on the Talking Dead: Fear the Walking Dead Special. It was great to see the new faces on the couch. You could sense a tiny bit of nervousness. Dave Erickson is almost as cryptic as Scott Gimple; I give him credit.

It was interesting to realize that the actors don’t know much about the futures of their characters either. When asked one question about his future, Cliff told Chris he’d have to ask David.

There were a few interesting highlights brought out by the actors during the conversation. Madison has some kind of dark past. I’m not sure that Kim Dickens knows exactly what it is even, but she knows it’s there and will perhaps be explored in the future. She sees that as a possible reason that she connects with Daniel in some ways.

Travis Manawa, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Travis Manawa, Fear The Walking Dead – AMC /

Cliff Curtis mentioned that Travis likes structure and stability. Part of why he didn’t shoot Kimberly is that he didn’t care for being bullied. He wasn’t going to be dared into it. Seeing red with Adams was not just that he caused this potential harm to Salazar and Ofelia, but that Adams had given his word. He broke a promise. Travis doesn’t like being manipulated.

Cliff Curtis does not like Strand. He said he’d take Daniel Salazar any day over Strand. But he likes his suit. (Lol)

We got our “In Memoriam” for the entire season with a few interesting names for unnamed walkers and tributes to Liza, Griselda, Cal, Artie, Kimberly, Susan, and Peter. I don’t know why Gloria, and Matt were missing.

There were some polls and questions from the audience as usual. The gift for the person who stepped up to the mic for the fan question was not even on my radar as I made guesses all season in my earlier Talking Dead articles. But it was brill. A Nick costume. Old man jacket, pants and shirt!

Nick Clark in Fear the Walking Dead episode "The Dog" Image Credit: Screencapped.net - Raina
Nick Clark in Fear the Walking Dead episode “The Dog” Image Credit: Screencapped.net – Raina /

The idea of Nick not changing clothes was brought up by Chris Hardwick as well as a hot topic on social media. It was a hot topic here as well, at Undead Walking!  We most likely won’t see celebrity walkers. And Dave Erickson is taking suggestions for zombie nicknames to add to skin bags!

In behind-the-scenes interviews, Lincoln A Castellanos talked about the popularity of Tobias and Rubén Blades talked about how Daniel knows right away that it’s about survival and the rules are no more.

With any luck, we’ll see Talking Dead next season for every episode of Fear the Walking Dead. It really does make a nice transition and gives a little processing time and helps the audience get to know the actors and feel like a bigger part of the show.

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