Fear The Walking Dead: Who died in The Good Man?

Photo Credit: Justina Mintz/AMC, Fear The Walking Dead
Photo Credit: Justina Mintz/AMC, Fear The Walking Dead /

Whew!  Fear The Walking Dead‘s inaugural season finale was certainly engaging. It was chock full of action, intrigue, and emotion. If you’re like me, you probably found yourself questioning certain actions by our characters. Seriously, why did Alicia and Chris get out of the SUV in the first place? But one thing for certain is the loss experienced in this episode. That leads us to our weekly recap of episode deaths. We had a whole host of death categories during episode “The Good Man”. We have the inevitable, the implied but not confirmed, and the definitive.


Everyone at HQ is threatened by Fear The Walking Dead‘s first herd of skinbags, the ones Daniel strategically released from the neighboring arena. The fences come down and we know most of the soldiers will not survive. As for some specifics, we see Melvin suffering from attack begging Strand to put him down, but Strand leaves him to suffer inevitable reanimation. We also see a soldier endure a gruesome bite and then walk into the blades of a helicopter.  These guys are not going to make it.


Other deaths were implied but not confirmed.  After Dr. Exner tells her staff to make a run for it, she is seen reaching for the captive bolt gun. The next time we see her on-screen, she sits silently after having killed all the patients in an apparent act of mercy. She then tells Liza’s group how to exit the building but chooses to stay behind herself. It is implied that she has chosen to “opt out” in a move very reminiscent of Dr. Jenner in the original series’ first finale.

It is also implied that Guardsman Andy Adams does not survive his beat down from Travis. While it is highly unlikely that he survives, we cannot say for certain that he is dead. The truth is, we’ll probably forevermore be skeptical after that turn of events with Martin from The Walking Dead.

Photo Credit: Justina Mintz/AMC, Fear The Walking Dead
Photo Credit: Justina Mintz/AMC, Fear The Walking Dead /


Liza Ortiz does not survive the season final of Fear The Walking Dead. First, Madison is suspicious when Liza has a heartfelt exchange with her son Chris. Personally, it seemed perfectly normal to me for a mom who has just safely reunited with her son.  But Madison can tell something is off. She approaches Liza at the shoreline and finds out that unbeknownst to the others, Liza has been bitten.

(This is where I could go off the rails and ramble on about how it looked more like a scratch.  And, yes, a scratch can still be lethal, but why call it a bite if it is really a scratch? Sorry, I did actually go off the rails a little.)

Liza does not want her son to see her turn or watch her suffer.  She tells Madison that she must put her down so that Travis does not have to do it — an ironic reversal of Madison’s earlier request of Liza that she never make Travis do that to Madison.  Before Madison can do the deed, Travis arrives and learns of the “bite”. Travis and Liza share an emotional embrace (okay, forehead embrace) and Travis pulls the trigger.  While I often try to keep this weekly post lighthearted, this scene really affected me. As a mom, it was tough to see two parents in such pain.

So there you have it!  The definitive death count for Fear The Walking Dead‘s inaugural season finale is 1 — Liza. She wanted to help, she DID help, and she will be missed.

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