The Walking Dead season 6: Carol’s ‘Mrs. Brady’ act


One of the most interesting characters on AMC’s The Walking Dead is Carol Peletier.  Her transition from abused housewife to being responsible for the downfall of Terminus was an amazing journey for Melissa McBride’s character.  Now that’s she’s been a part of Alexandria, she’s playing the role of the displaced housewife.

Carol Peletier, The Walking Dead - AMC
Carol Peletier, The Walking Dead – AMC /

Some people are calling her ruse a “Carol Brady” type situation (see what they did there?).  She’s hiding her toughness to make people think that she is much weaker than she really is.  However, there will eventually get to be a point in the show where Carol can no longer hide who she really is and it should shock and surprise some residents of Alexandria.

While she seemingly has everyone fooled right now, it is rumored that one individual in the safe-zone that might not be buying the act.  The Oregon Live website is giving us a rumor that could put her entire disguise in jeopardy going forward.


If the rumors are believed to be true, Morgan Jones sees right through Carol.  Apparently, his time spent alone and his astute sense of awareness along with his sense of humanity allow him see that she isn’t what she seems to be showing everyone.

Here is what the Oregon Live said:

"“If you thought Carol (Melissa McBride) might be tired of hiding her true, survival-expert self and continuing her Harmless Housewife pose, think again. Carol is still making the Alexandria townsfolk think she’s a cardigan-wearing pastry baker. But Morgan isn’t fooled; he can tell she’s ‘ready to handle things.”‘"

Morgan Jones, The Walking Dead - AMC
Morgan Jones, The Walking Dead – AMC /

Morgan might see through Carol’s act, but I don’t see him ending her ruse.  Instead, he can gain a lot of power in the situation by letting her know that he’s aware of who she really is and won’t let that advantage be spoiled.  In fact, there’s a chance that the two can find common ground on the situation and make a deal (hopefully not involving cookies).

What do you think?  Will Morgan figure out Carol’s act?  If he does, do you think he’ll call her out?  And if he does call her out, do you think it will be a public or private confrontation?  Let me know your opinion in the comments below.

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