The Walking Dead season 6: Glenn and Maggie’s relationship


One of the best parts of AMC’s The Walking Dead is seeing how the relationship between Maggie Greene and Glenn Rhee has developed.

We got to meet Glenn as one of the first survivors in season one.  It took a while, but eventually Maggie Green was introduced during The Walking Dead’s second season.  At first, their relationship was a purely sexual one, but it evolved into a real relationship that has stood the test of time in the zombie apocalypse.

They have managed to last 4 seasons together and now look to make the most of a fifth.  A recent interview on the Entertainment Weekly website helped shed some light on the relationship between Glenn and Maggie going into season 6.

"“You know, it’s really great and I feel like we’re learning so much about the Maggie and Glenn relationship by not seeing them together as much.”"

Glenn Rhee and Maggie Greene, The Walking Dead - AMC
Glenn Rhee and Maggie Greene, The Walking Dead – AMC /

It’s true.  Glenn and Maggie didn’t have a lot of screen time together during season 5 of The Walking Dead after they reached Alexandria.  Instead, we saw Maggie doing her work for Deanna Monroe and Glenn doing his supply runs.  Don’t think of that as a separation of the two though.  Instead, think of it as them working hard to do what they can for the other.

"“But you see them do things in honor of the other one. You see quests that Glenn has to go on and quests that Maggie has to go on, and it, to me, is what the marriage should be.”"

Is it near this point in the comics where Glenn and Maggie would be adopting Sophia as their daughter and the family would grow.  However, with Sophia dead and the group working extra hard to keep the area secure, the two might focus on their tasks and skip the entire adoption angle.  Either way, I expect the relationship between these two lovebirds to continue.

You can catch Glenn and Maggie in the season 6 premiere of The Walking Dead on October 11, 2015.  Be sure to check your local listings for time and availability.

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