The Walking Dead Season 6 ‘Obfleshion’ cologne commercial

Obflession cologne commerical, The Walking Dead - AMC and Fox
Obflession cologne commerical, The Walking Dead - AMC and Fox /

With season 6 of The Walking Dead just around the corner, there was no doubt that we’d be bombarded with commercials to remind viewers to tune in for the 90 minute premiere on October 11, 2015.  However, sometimes the best advertisements don’t always get a lot of air time in the United States.

That is the case with a new advertisement for the hit zombie survival drama that is airing in the United Kingdom.  It takes the unique premise of their being a cologne that will repel the undead and make the wearer completely unappealing to the walker.

Check out this amazing advertisement from the official NOWtv YouTube account promoting the season 6 premiere of The Walking Dead on Fox and NOWtv:

The commercial starts out like many others.  Harry Judd, a band member from the insanely popular group McFly, plays the handsome model who is just out for a weird stroll on the rooftop of a building.  However, when he gets up there, there is an undead woman who is ready to tear him apart!  Thinking quickly, he sprays himself with the Obfleshion cologne and the zombie loses all interest in him.  She keeps walking past him to the ledge of the building, where he pushes her off the side and watches her fall to the pavement.

Personally, I love commercials with attitude like this.  It takes what is usually a very serious show and gives it a funny twist using a celebrity that is quite famous in the United Kingdom.  Not that The Walking Dead needs much advertisement these days, but it’s great to see the commercials that other places are seeing to draw interest in one of the biggest television shows in the world.

For more information on NOWtv, visit their official website and to join in the conversation on Twitter about Obflession, use the hashtag #SprayAlive.  Meanwhile, The Walking Dead‘s season 6 premiere will air on October 11, 2015 in the United States on AMC.  Don’t miss it!

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