The Walking Dead: Gale Anne Hurd talks about tuning out the noise

Walker. The Walking Dead - AMC
Walker. The Walking Dead – AMC /

Season 6 of The Walking Dead returns in Sunday, October 11th  (tomorrow) and fans are more excited than ever. We’ve been counting down the weeks and the days since Deanna said, “Do it.”

Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd is a big part of the success of the show. She talked to Blastr about season 6. One of the most interesting things she revealed as a challenge is what she referred to as tuning out the noise. I found this to be a super smart strategy and insight on her part and I imagine it is a philosophy shared by her team not only on The Walking Dead, but especially on the new series Fear the Walking Dead.

"I think the biggest challenge is tuning out some of the noise of what people may want, whether people think we move too slowly, too quickly, and basically make sure that we stick to the characters and their arcs dictating not only each episode and the many arcs of the season and the half season. That is absolutely key, and I think, knock on wood, that has contributed to the success of the show thus far and we’re not gonna change that."

I think she’s absolutely right. If you start letting other voices get in your head and start second guessing yourself or start letting those thoughts from fans or social media or comments drive your decisions, you’re headed down a bad path.

Walker. The Walking Dead - AMC
Walker. The Walking Dead – AMC /

The Walking Dead team has had huge success with the fearlessness of their choices and the risks that they’ve taken to this point. You’ll never make everyone happy all the time. People don’t understand the big picture behind many decisions that are made. How some decisions affect long range plans.

I’ve always trusted this show’s choices. There are very few things that I didn’t care for especially, but some of those things were things that other fans really loved. And sometimes parts that I didn’t love were pieces of the whole that I did love.

So put those earplugs in, Gale, and tune out the noise so you can keep bringing the brilliance.

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