The Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere: Talking Dead Recap

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Greg Nicotero with zombies, The Walking Dead - AMC
Greg Nicotero with zombies, The Walking Dead – AMC /

Scott Gimple and Greg Nicotero joined Chris Hardwick for the premiere of Season 6 of Talking Dead. They talked about how the puzzle of time helped put certain key pieces right next to each other. The example given was the scene with Morgan and Rick talking about how Carter would die anyway right next to present time where Carter does get killed.

In Memoriam: loads of walkers. Carter.

Poll: People think it’s the Wolves honking the horn. Scott Gimple, ever the cryptic answerer, just said, “It seems bad.”

Michael Cudlitz gave a behind-the-scenes tour, which I actually covered earlier this year.

Stephen Vining. Walker. The Walking Dead - AMC
Stephen Vining. Walker. The Walking Dead – AMC /

Ethan Embry joined Scott and Greg on the couch. He is a huge fan of the show. He yelled Coral! They talked about funny stories with the bite and special effects with the blood and Stephen Vining the intestines-tangled-tree-walker.

Greg Nicotero talked about how Abraham is a little lost and trading places with Sasha.

The present tonight for the fan questioner from the audience was balloons and a protein bar. The present is always one of my favorite things to see. I usually try to guess. I’m rarely right. Ha!

Poll: Most people think Nicholas has not redeemed himself yet.

If you tweet #thewalkingdead, you automatically get an official emoji! From personal experience, you get the emoji with #TWD as well.

As usual, the preview was not helpful. Ethan Embry was shrugging his shoulders! It looked like Enid wrote JSS on the window of a car.

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