The Walking Dead: Are The Wolves behind the horn? [DISCUSSION]

zombies headed toward Alexandria, TheWalking Dead - AMC
zombies headed toward Alexandria, TheWalking Dead - AMC /

AMC’s The Walking Dead kicked off their 6th season on Sunday, October 11, 2015 with a 90 minute episode that left many fans with their jaws dropped and worried about what is next for the survivors of Alexandria.  The cliffhanger of the episode involved a loud noise going off in the distance that called the horde of walkers from the quarry to move in a direction that Rick Grimes and the group weren’t expecting:  toward Alexandria.

One of our readers on Twitter, @LenDiesel21, asked us the following question about who the individuals are who are sounding the horn that is putting the community in danger.  Here is the tweet that we were sent:

Luckily for us, TheStream.TV’s The Walking Dead After Show tackled this question for us.  The hosts of the show, Su Castillo, Michael Tiberi and Timothy Rodriguez, all gave their opinion on who they thought was behind the stunt and even showed off some fancy attire at the same time.  Here is the video from thestreamtv’s official YouTube account:

As you can see from the video, the hosts of The Walking Dead After Show feel like it is definitely The Wolves that are behind the startling noise.  Personally, I’m not as sure as they are.

To me, The Wolves would be an easy out.  Instead, I’d love for it to be someone from inside Alexandria who is upset about Rick Grimes taking charge of things in the community and the death of Pete Anderson.  While that is a longshot compared to it being someone like The Wolves, I do think that this could be a fun way to introduce one of the other communities of survivors while saving The Wolves for a later conflict.

What do you think?  Are The Wolves behind the horn that is leading the zombies toward Alexandria?  Let me know your opinion in the comments below.


**Updated 10/13/15 – Readers feel the word “horn” is more applicable than “siren”.  “Siren” was replaced.

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