The Walking Dead Hall of Fame’s first member: Scott Wilson


The Walking Dead is a massively popular franchise.  It has a comic book series that just released its 147th issue, a long line of action figures and video games, as well as the hit AMC television show which just kicked off season 6.

At the season 6 premiere of The Walking Dead, it was announced that there would be a Hall of Fame made to honor those with major contributions to the show.  The first person inducted was Scott Wilson, who plays Hershel Greene.

Here is the video of Scott Wilson’s acceptance speech from the official AMC YouTube account:

Personally, I find Scott Wilson to be one of the most charming men in the history of The Walking Dead.  His performance as Hershel Green is one of the most friendly and heartwarming that the hit zombie survival drama may have ever seen.  The modesty that Wilson showed walking to the stage and recognizing everyone in attendance was nice, but the real surprise came when a special guest showed up on the screen behind everyone.

David Morrissey, also known as The Governor by fans of The Walking Dead, reminded Wilson that his character was the one to take out Hershel before congratulating him on being inducted into the Hall of Fame and wishing him the best going forward.

Huge congratulations go out to Scott Wilson on the major honor.  Hershel Greene will always be one of the most popular characters in the history of The Walking Dead and has taken his place as the first to have his name etched into the Hall of Fame.  As of now, we’re not sure how often actors will be inducted into the Hall of Fame, but getting Scott Wilson in there is a great start.

Who would be the next individual that you would put into The Walking Dead‘s Hall of Fame?  Let me know your opinion in the comments below.

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