The Walking Dead S6E2 JSS spoilers and teasers

Carol Peletier, The Walking Dead - AMC
Carol Peletier, The Walking Dead - AMC /

The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on television and it’s hard to keep a lot of secrets about what is going to happen.  There are so many great sources for information on upcoming episodes that individuals seeking information on spoilers and teasers can know almost everything about the episode before it airs on television.

Thankfully for those hungry to know what will happen, two of Undead Walking’s favorite sources for information shared a Q&A as well as an advance preview review for season 6 episode 2 of The Walking Dead, titled “JSS”.  Here are some highlights of what they had to say:


Highlights of what we learned from SpoilerTV:

  • We get to meet Denise.  She’ll be the medical professional of Alexandria.  Good thing, too…since Pete Anderson is no longer available.
  • Father Gabriel Stokes and Carl Grimes, The Walking Dead - AMC
    Father Gabriel Stokes and Carl Grimes, The Walking Dead – AMC /

    Father Gabriel will ask to be taught how to fight.  Again, we saw a bit of this from the AMC previews, but it’s good to see the holy man starting to take things into his own hands.

  • JSS is more than just an abbreviation.  It will be written on a window (like we saw from Enid in the preview) and it will also be on one person’s hand.
  • One survivor will get a haircut.  The hope of many fans is that it will be Mr. Carl Grimes, who is looking mighty shaggy these days…but the name wasn’t revealed.
  • An odd animal will become a meal.  They say that “there is nothing you can’t eat when you’re hungry”.  I can’t wait to see what they’re talking about.
  • Highlights of what we learned from The Spoiling Dead Fans on Facebook:

  • The Wolves are behind the horn.  The horn is the result of a truck crashing through the wall at the hands of The Wolves.
  • Enid, The Walking Dead - AMC
    Enid, The Walking Dead – AMC /

    Enid shares one of her passions.  Apparently, she loves tortoises.  And, this this time, there is no evidence to link her to the members of The Wolves.

  • Alexandria’s people are massacred.  The Wolves hit the community hard while much of the group was dealing with the walker horde.  Axes seem to be the weapon of choice.
  • One of the letters in ‘JSS’ stands for ‘Survival’.   Neither group was willing to share what all the letters meant together, but at least we know what one of them means.
  • Carol is forced to drop the Mrs. Brady act.  When things start falling apart around her, Carol snaps into killer mode and does what needs to be done.  Ahh, the Carol we remember.
  • Huge thanks go out to and The Spoiling Dead Fans for their great information.  Be sure to check them out and thank them for all that they do for us as fans.  You can watch the second episode of The Walking Dead‘s sixth season when it airs at 9/8c on October 18, 2015 on AMC.

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