The Walking Dead’s deaths give a ‘sense of danger’


Robert Kirkman, the creator of the hit franchise The Walking Dead was a part of a panel at the New York Comic Con this year, where the folks over at Vulture helped bring us the scoop on what the big news was from the event.  Sadly, much of the discussion centered around death and killing off characters.

There is the rumored appearance of Negan coming up which could spell doom for one certain character, some other brutal deaths from the comics, and likely one or two that we won’t expect, but Kirkman has very mixed feelings on making decisions on who lives and who dies on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

"“I regret all of [the deaths] and none of them at the same time. It’s harder with the show because the actors are involved and they’re like good people — most of them…Everyone but Norman [Reedus].”"

Robert Kirkman, Fear The Walking Dead promo - AMC YouTube still
Robert Kirkman, Fear The Walking Dead promo – AMC YouTube still /

That Robert Kirkman is a true joker, but one thing he is very serious about it providing fans with a show that leaves them entertained.  Sometimes, that means following the comic books closely and giving folks what they want.  At other times, it means changing things up and surprising fans with things they never would have expected.

"“We want you to have that sense of danger. We want you to feel like anyone can go at any time,” Kirkman said."

Sadly, I don’t get that feeling.  There are a handful of characters that I think fans of The Walking Dead would be very upset about losing.  Daryl, Rick, Carol and Michonne come to mind immediately as four that I don’t see being killed off any time soon.  Heck, even Carl is likely safe from the chopping block.

Knowing that those characters aren’t likely to die doesn’t change the anticipation of seeing them in life-threatening situations and wondering if they’ll make it out alive.  Or, does the feeling that they are ‘invincible’ characters make the idea of killing them off even more appealing?  Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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