The Walking Dead: How’s Abe?

Abraham Ford The Walking Dead - AMC
Abraham Ford The Walking Dead - AMC /

Abraham Ford seems like he’s having some fun in season 6 of The Walking Dead with Sasha leading the herd of walkers away from Alexandria as part of a big mission. Is he okay?

I hope so! I hope that Abe is dealing with things and the drinking and what seems like odd behavior or like he may be heading for trouble is really the Abe version of apocalyptic therapy.

Abe always liked a mission. This is a great mission. And the dry run “going live” was right up his alley. Back in the days of the Eugene mission, Tara mentioned how Abraham smiled when he was killing walkers. As strange as that sounds, it’s more about the adrenaline.

I remember Andrea going over the wall and killing the walker up close with her knife at Woodbury when the other girl was taking too many tries with her bow. She felt exhilarated from getting the job done.

Abraham Ford and waller herd. The Walking Dead - AMC
Abraham Ford and waller herd. The Walking Dead – AMC /

What’s nice now for Abraham is to have a mission without being fully in charge of the mission. And the mission isn’t so fragile and monumental. He doesn’t have to be constantly pushing forward with such tunnel vision. He has support.

With his old mission he was always fighting against people. Trying to coerce people to join him. To press on with him. Now people are fighting with him. They respect him. They listen to him.

He’s watched our group pile up their losses, which has to remind him of his own. But he’s also seen the strength and family they’ve created in each other and how they want him to be a part of that family.

I hope Abe is truly “living, darlin!” And that, as his portrayer, Michael Cudlitz, said earlier this year, his defining moment is yet to come.

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