The Walking Dead: Waiting for Abraham Ford’s defining moment

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When we first met Abraham Ford, it was at a time in The Walking Dead when viewers were never sure if any new character was going to be a good guy or a villain and immediately treated anyone new with a guarded optimism mixed with mistrust.  I don’t read the comics so I didn’t have any point of reference from there as many fans did. Abraham’s trio plus Glenn and Tara–Great, searching for the M. proved pretty trustworthy, fun and interesting, pretty quickly.

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I have to admit, I was not a big Abraham fan in his pre-confession Eugene days. (Sorry, Michael.) He was a big bossy pants. I mean, I know saving the world is a big deal, but come on, a little break here or there isn’t worth getting your camos all tangled up.

I’m all about post-confession Abraham! He’s been released of the singular burden of being the world’s saviour and can now focus on being the saviour of his small family and of his own constitution-physical and emotional.

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Recently, at the San Diego Comic-Con, Michael Cudlitz told fans that Abraham’s biggest defining moment is yet to come. I certainly hope he’s right. And expect so. With Tyreese gone and Daryl out recruiting, I’m looking forward to a whole new Rick and Abraham dynamic along with a shift in many of the friendship pairings.

We got a beautiful glimpse of big Abraham potential in his apology scene with Eugene and the candle light town meeting vast ocean of shit speech in the season finale. And earlier in the season in what I’ve referred to as the Shakespearean live by the sword speech he gave to Michonne at the welcome party.

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I believe we were supposed to get some deeper connection with Abraham in his flashbacks to his family and his meeting of Eugene. Unfortunately, those didn’t really pull me. I liked the meeting of Eugene, but for reasons I can’t put my finger on, the flashbacks of his family were confusing for me and disjointed. I’m willing to accept the blame, but they didn’t have the intended “Joy Luck Club” mass shift in perspective that they could have.

I hope Abraham not only has his biggest defining moment in the near future. I hope he has several defining moments and an interesting shift in interaction with new and different characters now that they are in Alexandria and need to come together.  So many of the characters are new to each other, we forget that.

So, goodbye bossy pants! Hello Abraham! Man of honor. Man of mystery. Man of heart. Man of really interesting vocabulary!

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