The Walking Dead: A love letter to Carol

Carol. The Walking Dead - AMC
Carol. The Walking Dead - AMC /

Dearest Carol,

You have come to our rescue once again. How could we manage without you? Your strength, your perseverance, your ability to think quickly on your feet.

Some may accuse you of being ruthless, unemotional, impulsive, duplicitous. Dare I say these same people have either fallen victim to the evil in this chaotic world or have been kept safe by you, the very person they suggest is so cold-blooded.

Others praise your strength, your cleverness, your determination. These folks glean wisdom and inspiration from you. They become stronger because of you. These people learn to protect themselves and those around them.

Whether critics or fans, those who survive owe you a huge debt of gratitude.

But what makes you so special? Nothing really. I don’t mean that negatively. It’s a paradox, you see? What makes you so special is that you are not all that special.

Let me explain.

You are not inherently large and strong in stature. But you become strong because you have to be. You rise to the challenge of your circumstances. Pete towered above you and outweighed you by probably a hundred pounds. But that did not stop you from speaking the truth to him and making it very clear that you were not afraid of him. Had he survived the town meeting, a new dish would have been returned and it would be sparkling clean.

Carol and Pete, The Walking Dead - AMC
Carol and Pete, The Walking Dead – AMC /

You have not been trained in espionage. Yet you find a way to disguise yourself and blend in with the villains attacking you. It could be covering yourself in walker blood or wearing the clothes of a savage attacker. Or, it may be your decision to hide in plain sight in a floral sweater.

You’ve had no formal weapons training. Your aim was not the best upon arriving at the prison. The jolt of a shotgun hurt your shoulder. But you did not give up or say you weren’t any good. You kept trying when others would have made excuses.

Top-5-Carol-Peletier-Moments /

You weren’t born with nerves of steel or a heart void of emotion. We know you would love nothing more than to wrap your arms around your buddy Sam, give him a big hug, and tell him everything’s going to be alright. But you care so much that you prioritize his protection. (By the way, he still knows you care for him. Remember, he wrapped his arms around you when his father and Rick battled in the street. After all, he pursued you even after the horror story you told him in the armory. Believe me, he knows.)

Does it make sense what I’m saying? You were not born with a silver spoon or part of an idyllic marriage. But you know more about love than most and are most generous of spirit and sacrifice.

It’s not your inherent traits that make you so special or capable. It’s what you do in the absence of those traits that makes you so amazing. Your strength of spirit and perseverance in seemingly insurmountable circumstances has made you a leader and protector. If anyone had reason to give up or make excuses, it would be you. But you haven’t given up or made excuses. You have carried on and fought the fight.

Again I say, you are special because you are not really all that special. And I say that with deepest admiration, gratitude, and respect.

Daryl hugs Carol. The Walking Dead - AMC
Daryl hugs Carol. The Walking Dead – AMC /

My hope for you, Carol, is that you will be gifted with time to recognize all that you are, shed the tears you have been suppressing, and enjoy some quiet moments with your “family” before rising to the next occasion, which you most certainly will.

Much love,

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