Fear the Walking Dead – Flight 462: Part 2 [VIDEO]

Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462, YouTube - AMC
Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462, YouTube - AMC /

Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462 aired their second installment during Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead on AMC.  As we know, one of the characters from this miniseries will end up with a role on Fear The Walking Dead‘s second season.

So far, we’ve learned that there is a young man on a plane who is nervous about the flight and is talking with his mother on the phone while everyone around him is nervous about the plane taking off after a delay.  There are some other interesting characters so far, such as a crabby flight attendant and a young woman who is strangely calm.  But it is hard to learn a lot about these characters in a minute.

Thank goodness, we have the second part of the story.  Here is the video thanks to Rick Grimes you YouTube:

In this installment, the young man on the flight is nervous.  He’s trying to contact his mother by messaging her on his phone, but is getting no response.  He looks around the plane and sees an older gentleman vomiting into a bag as well as the Asian woman remaining calm while everyone else is panicking.  He looks down to see that his message was unable to be sent before the woman looks back at him through the crack between the seats.  Next to him, a woman is crocheting as he looks out the window at the lights of the city below him.

Personally, I didn’t feel much of a connection at all with this part of the story.  I don’t feel that it helped to develop any of the characters or the story.  It’s possible that the reason that things didn’t move forward much is that they wanted to establish the loss of connection with the outside world.  Still, making fans wait a week to learn that seems harsh since we already knew that happens because of the events in Fear The Walking Dead.

Next week, I’ll be back to talk about the third part of The Walking Dead: Flight 462.  Until then, let me know what you think of Flight 462 in the comments below.

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