The Walking Dead S6E3 Thank You teaser videos and synopsis

Glenn Rhee, The Walking Dead - AMC
Glenn Rhee, The Walking Dead - AMC /

The Walking Dead left fans hanging big time following last week’s episode.  Although the group was able to repel The Wolves after taking heavy casualties, the noise from the big truck’s horn is drawing a massive group of walkers toward Alexandria and half the group is still out dealing with the zombie threat.

So, what do we know about next week’s episode?  Here’s what we’ve got so far:

The Walking Dead - AMC
The Walking Dead – AMC /

Episode season and number:  Season 6 Episode 3

  • Episode name:  “Thank You”
  • Written by:  Angela Kang
  • Directed by:  Michael Slovis
  • U.S. Air Date:  October 25, 2015
  • U.S. Air Time:  9 pm ET
  • Synopsis:A return home doesn’t go as expected.”
  • There are two videos so far to prepare us for what to expect in next week’s episode of the show.  Here is the teaser that we saw at the end of last week’s episode of The Walking Dead:

    This preview shows what appears to be the group that was out dealing with the walkers rushing back to help the community when they hear the horn from the truck last episode.  However, it looks as though some members of the group will be trapped in a large group of the undead and need some help.  After the threat from The Wolves last week, this week’s focus looks like it will be the zombies.

    Here is the extended look at The Walking Dead season 6 episode 3: ‘Thank You’ from the AMC YouTube account:

    With Rick Grimes sprinting down the road, you know there’s some serious stuff going down.  He’s getting transmissions on his radio to help him get to safety, but still comes across some walkers eating a human in the middle of the road.  He quickly dispatches of them and continues toward his destination.

    This week, the extended look was also the clip that was shown on Talking Dead, so there is no third video to share for the upcoming installment of The Walking Dead.  For those of you who cannot view these videos due to region restrictions, I suggest you check them out on the SpoilerTV website, where region-free versions are hosted.

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