The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman: ‘Rest in peace, Daryl Dixon’


“Rest in peace, Daryl Dixon.”

These were the words that were said by The Walking Dead‘s creator Robert Kirkman on the Emmy award-winning late night comedy game show @midnight.

Of course, the reason behind the statement that set the audience on fire was as fun as seeing @midnight host Chris Hardwick’s reaction.  It was part of a segment of the show that they call #HashtagWars where they ask people on the social media website Twitter to come up with hilarious responses to a challenge they give.  Tonight, the challenge was to come up with this:

The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman, @midnight - Comedy Central
The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman, @midnight – Comedy Central /


Robert Kirkman’s words hit @midnight and Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick hard, who immediately pleaded with Kirkman to not make this happen, as his face would be the first that people saw following the death and that he’d be left to take accountability for it.  Without missing a beat, Kirkman pointed directly at Hardwick and exclaimed “That’s exactly why we’re going to do it!”

The beauty of Robert Kirkman saying something like this on @midnight is that you never know if he’s serious or not.  During his last appearance on the show, contestants were asked to make up fake spoilers about The Walking Dead, to which Robert Kirkman dropped a comic book spoiler about the appearance of Negan which made the internet figuratively explode.

It is very unlikely that Robert Kirkman kills off Daryl Dixon any time soon.  He’s one of the most popular characters on the The Walking Dead and the hit zombie survival drama could see a drop in ratings if that were to happen.  However, since Daryl Dixon isn’t a part of the comic book universe, he’s a complete wild card going forward, so there is no telling what direction the character might take in the future.

In the meantime, it’s nice to enjoy the creator of a popular franchise like The Walking Dead being a little less serious about the future of one of the most dark shows on television.

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