The Walking Dead: Actor Daniel Thomas May helps you get the most from Walker Stalker Con Atlanta

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead /

The Atlanta installment of Walker Stalker Con is almost upon us.  I see lots of questions posted on Facebook and Twitter about the convention. So, I figured, who better than one of the convention’s celebrity guests to give us some inside scoop on Walker Stalker Con?

Daniel Thomas May, who played “Allen” on season 3 of The Walking Dead, attended the very first Walker Stalker Con, which was held in Atlanta in November of 2013.  Daniel has attended numerous events with Walker Stalker Con since its inception.  Here’s what he had to say about his experiences.

As a regular celebrity guest attendee, how would you say Walker Stalker Con has changed over the past 2 years?

"It’s grown a lot, that’s for sure. It’s begun to attract not only the die-hard The Walking Dead fan, but also those simply curious about the phenomenon. The spirit is the same as in the beginning; there’s a perpetual air of play and experimentation with regards to panels, side attractions, etc. And it is always in service of creating a great experience for attendees. That sense of fun is a big part of why I keep coming back.Photo courtesy of Walker Stalker Con"

What is your favorite part of being a celebrity guest?

"Meeting the fans! Some are brazen, some are bashful, but all of them love the world of The Walking Dead just like me. For those who haven’t met me, I enjoy subverting their expectation about the “bad guys” on the show. I’ve had so many great conversations with fans that started with them saying “I HATED your character on the show!”"

Do you have a favorite event among panels, booth time, photo ops, or something else?

"Panels are always fun because they give us actors a chance to play off each other and again, really be ourselves…which is often quite different from how we appear on the show. But then we try to bring that kind of playfulness even when we’re sitting at our tables. Impromptu NERF wars have become a regular thing on the Con floor."

You have a unique perspective looking out at the convention from your table. What do you see that we don’t?

"I don’t know that I get to see more per se. But being stationary means that most everything will pass by at some point. One of my favorite things to see and photograph are cosplayers that find a quiet moment somewhere near my table and don’t think anyone is watching them. Having taken off their giant masks or helmets or what have you, they sit there drinking a Starbucks or eating Twizzlers or stand outside smoking. I treasure “behind the mask” moments."

Do you have an especially memorable interaction with a fan at Walker Stalker Con that would be fun to share?

"Too many to pick a favorite. I was quite moved once when a fan, having followed my comments on Twitter, knew I was working on a project dealing with the German poet Goethe, and so she brought me an entire book of his poetry. I’ve had several people bring me very thoughtful and heartfelt gifts. It’s moments like that which are humbling…realizing just how much an impact this show has on people."

Is there a particular topic that fans most often want to discuss with you?

"Everyone wants to know a) why Allen didn’t shoot the Governor, and b) why was Allen such a “bad guy”. I’ve got my own questions and answers about both. Oh, and lots of people want to know if I know anything about upcoming episodes…I DON’T!Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead"

I’ve heard that Cullen Moss has green lollipops at his table. Have you seen anyone else do something like that?

"I’ve seen several people do things like that. Some of them seem to be a signature thing you’ll see them do all the time, sometimes they’ve been given a whole box of goodies and they just want to share the love. Jose Cantillo and I have taken to signing a few of the NERF darts we use in our skirmishes and fans love to pocket them after we’ve fired them all over."

If you attended the convention as a fan and not a celebrity, which celebrities would be on your short list for visiting?

"Hmmmmm. Denise Crosby. Melissa Hutchinson. David Morrissey. Judith O’Dea. Zach Galligan. Scott Wilson. Melissa McBride."

Are there projects you are currently working on that fans may want to ask you about?

"I just finished a great run of a stage play called In The Next Room (or the vibrator play). THAT’S always a fun one to talk about. I also just finished co-hosting The Walker Stalker Podcast for the first season of Fear The Walking Dead. Had a great time doing that with James."

Finally, what tips would you give fans for getting the most out of their Walker Stalker Con experience?

"Keep moving. Don’t waste time being shy. See at least one panel. If you see celebs with NERF guns, DUCK!"

What a fabulous endorsement for Walker Stalker Con!  Thank you, Daniel, for giving us the scoop on all things Walker Stalker Con.  I know I am even more excited now about attending Walker Stalker Con Atlanta at the end of this month!

Walker Stalker Con Atlanta will be held October 30 – November 2 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.  Don’t miss all the fun!

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