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The Walking Dead has a lot of danger surrounding the survivors going into the third episode of season 6.  The people of Alexandria have just suffered major losses because of an attack by The Wolves and a huge group of walkers are headed toward the community thanks to a loud horn drawing them in.

To make matters worse, the survivors are still split up, with the a group trying to control the walkers and another trying to regroup after the slaughter by The Wolves.  With nobody safe at this point, it’s no surprise that there is a major death rumored and one confirmed for Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead.


Our friends over at The Spoiling Dead Fans dropped this big spoiler about The Walking Dead’s next episode that could have some fans in a panic.  Here is what they said in a post on Facebook:

"‘Glenn and Nicholas are on top of a dumpster surrounded by walkers. Nicholas starts to have a panic attack or something. Slow motion shit with ringing sounds over the top. He pulls out a gun and says thank you to Glenn and boom! Glenn gets a face full of blood. As he falls off the dumpster he ends up pushing Glenn off. Not on purpose or anything, it’s like Glenn tried to catch him and they both tumble off. Walkers then rip Glenn’s chest apart.’"

Nicholas. The Walking Dead - AMC
Nicholas. The Walking Dead – AMC /

The Spoiling Dead Fans go on to say that the final part about Glenn’s chest could be either a hallucination or filming misdirection.  Since Steven Yeun has been seen on set many times since this scene, it’s believed that this is a false death that will be a little cliffhanger, but you never know how things will go on a show like The Walking Dead.

The popular theory is that once Nicholas shoots himself is that Glenn grabs him ends up falling into the group of walkers.  Then, Glenn uses Nicholas’ body as a shield from the zombies to make his escape.  Personally, I’m kind of disappointed that Nicholas will be a death, as I was enjoying watching him try to redeem himself.

It’s hard to believe that the show would have a major character like Glenn go out that way, but we’ve seen crazier things happen on the show.  It will be very interesting to see how this scene plays out when The Walking Dead airs on AMC on Sunday, October 25, 2015.

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