Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462 – Part 3 [VIDEO]

Fear The Walking Dead Flight 462 , YouTube - AMC
Fear The Walking Dead Flight 462 , YouTube - AMC /

Normally, we have to wait until Sunday’s episodes of The Walking Dead to get new installments of AMC’s series Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462, but the short video was released early on the AMC App and fills us in on quite a bit of information that will help make this series interesting.

Thankfully, a YouTube user named Janet Weber was able to record the video and upload it.  While it’s not the best quality, it is the best copy of the video that I could find prior to the video being released on the AMC YouTube account.  Here is the video:

Here is what happens in the video:

The flight attendant pushes her cart down the row and a woman orders a “vodka rocks” and then gestures to her that she would like two of the beverage.  Meanwhile, the knitting woman beside the boy who seems to be the featured part of this series asks him if he is traveling alone.  He explains that his mom and him were on standby, and they only had room for one more.  The Asian woman sitting in front of the boy listened in as he spoke about his situation.  We find out that the flight is headed to Phoenix, where the young man’s dad will be waiting to pick him up from the airport.  Then, his mom will come on the next available flight in.  We then meet a new passenger.  This man appears to be no stranger to flights, as the attendant has his drink of choice ready and delivers it without speaking a word.

The fourth installment of Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462 is scheduled to air during the November 1, 2015 episode of The Walking Dead on AMC.  However, if it is released before that, we’ll be sure to get it to you here on Undead Walking.

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