The Walking Dead Season 6: Reader predictions for episode 3 [poll results]

Rick. The Walking Dead - AMC
Rick. The Walking Dead - AMC /

Undead Walking conducted our weekly polls about AMC’ s The Walking Dead. These are our readers’ thoughts based on the poll results for episode 3 of season 6. This week our readers were very split on one issue and very unified on others.

Unfortunately,  I think my poll questions didn’t even touch the surface of the drama and intensity that we are going to experience in this episode. I always remember that episode 4 was when Lori and T-dog died. Merle died the week before the finale. Tyreese in a mid-season premiere.

The Walking Dead doesn’t wait for finales to bring the intensity. They sprinkle the emotion around in shocking and surprising ways. This herd and The Wolves frighten me.

Wolves. The Walking Dead - AMC
Wolves. The Walking Dead – AMC /

The readers are split almost 50/50 as far as whether or not Morgan actually killed the Wolf that he let go before arriving in Alexandria. The Wolf who taunted Morgan the way Martin taunted Tyreese. The Wolf who said Morgan should have killed him. The Wolf Morgan apologized to before our screens went black.

About 80% of the readers believe that our group that is on the mission to redirect the herd of walkers will run into the Wolves who survived Carol and escaped Alexandria.  About 70% of voters believe the herding plan itself is going to fail. The group will need to adapt and make a new plan. They won’t just be able to re-herd them even though the horn has stopped.

Carol. The Walking Dead - AMC
Carol. The Walking Dead – AMC /

Carol was a big part of last week’s episode. About 20 % of voters think she will be doing these things in the future: training Sam, becoming a leader in Alexandria, healing and starting to show some emotion, becoming a leader all around. Over half of the people think she will clash with Morgan and that she will empower the women of Alexandria.

We will see what happens in episode 3 and why they call it ‘Thank you’. We will soon see if the Wolf is alive. How the mission has been affected by the Wolves’ horn. What becomes of Carol who fought Wolf with Wolf. All the better to eat you with, my dear!  If Father Gabriel or Nicholas will do anything courageous. And if our hearts break yet as Maggie told us they would in the commercial about crying more tears this season than last.

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