The Walking Dead: Who died in Thank You?

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead /

Whew! I am exhausted.  Each episode of The Walking Dead season 6 has been more intense than the last.  And the losses just keep stacking up.  Despite the brutality of episode 2 “JSS”, some fans felt the deaths in Alexandria were somewhat lacking in impact because we did not know those characters very well. If that’s the case, episode 3 “Thank You” certainly turned the tables as we saw many beloved characters in jeopardy.  Who made it out alive and who did we lose?  Let’s count them down and see.

Rick makes a literal “run” for the RV.  Michonne and Glenn with their crew in tow (Heath, David, Scott, Annie, and Sturgess) are headed home in an attempt to get ahead of the herd.  After encountering a town, they plan to start a fire to pull the herd away from Alexandria.  Let’s take a look at how these plans worked out, or rather, did NOT work out for the victims of episode 3.

Whiny Finger-Pointing Alexandrian

This guy goes on a tirade suggesting Rick is responsible for the crisis they are in.  He even goes as far as saying Rick did it on purpose.  I think we can safely say that is not true.  But the guy who turned on Rick ended up on the ground at the hands of a walker.  Perhaps his energy would have been better spent running rather than complaining!


Sturgess, or as I like to call him “the man in the big khaki hat” (please tell me you remember Curious George‘s friend, the man in the big yellow hat) frightens easily.  As Michonne and Glenn’s group encounter a group of walkers in the woods, Sturgess makes a run for it, deserting the group, but not before accidentally shooting his neighbor Scott in the leg.  From there it’s a trail of bread crumbs leading us, first, to his big khaki hat, and finally, to his actual body being feasted upon by walkers in the town the group encounters.

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead /


Annie takes one for the team when the herd of walkers grabs her after the group exits the pet store in town.  She insists the group leave her as there is no way out for her.  Even worse, the others do not even have an opportunity to put her down and end her pain.  Annie is left behind and the group continues on without her. Her death appeared to be foreshadowed in the pet store where she tells the group to leave her because her injury will only slow them down and endanger them further. Despite their insistence upon staying together, Annie is indeed left behind after only having two episodes to get to know her.


Poor David.  We knew he would be a goner after receiving an albeit small but definitive walker bite on his back.  Michonne doesn’t have the heart to discuss his fate with him. When asked what his bite looks like, she very vaguely describes the wound as “about what you’d expect”.  What does that even mean? She continues to keep his hope alive by scribbling “you’re getting home” on her wrist after he tries to give her a note of last words to his dear wife Betsy.  I suspect Michonne is merely hoping he can make it home in time to say those last words in person.  But David does not make it that far.  He falls victim to the walker herd at the fence as his group tries to escape the town.  He and Michonne both have very close calls trying to go over the fence, but David’s was just too close.  We see him writhe in pain as his note to Betsy falls to the ground beside him.


Nicholas and Glenn have broken off from the rest of the group to find the feed store and light it on fire to divert the walkers.  They find the feed store already burned to the ground.  But this is not their worst news.  Walkers are now approaching them from both the front and back. They climb on top of a dumpster in an effort to get to higher ground.  But the ground is not high enough.  We see desperation in Nicholas’s eyes.  At first I thought he may be considering sacrificing himself to the walkers by taking a crowd surfing style leap into the herd.  Instead, we see him take a gun to his temple, say “thank you” to Glenn, and pull the trigger.

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead /

Please, please say it isn’t so – Glenn

As Nicholas puts the gun to his head, Glenn grabs him begging him to stop.  Too late.  Nicholas falls off the dumpster bringing Glenn down with him.  We see Glenn hit the ground. Entrails are being devoured.  Please say it isn’t so.  We don’t want to believe it. My family racked our brains desperately trying to think of a way Glenn could escape these dire straights. Did Nicholas fall on top of Glenn? Could it possibly be Nicholas being ripped apart instead of Glenn?  Even if that were the case, it looks like Glenn would have to be next.  Like us, even Yvette Nicole Brown shared on The Talking Dead after show that she wants to believe Glenn somehow survived and will be able to drag himself to safety under the dumpster. Is there even any space between the ground and the dumpster?

Glenn looks like a goner, but it is certainly of interest that The Talking Dead did not include him in the “In Memoriam” section of the show. Chris Hardwick also shared a note from show runner Scott Gimple regarding the fans’ anguish over Glenn.  In usual Gimple fashion, he gives a vague mention that there will be some kind of resolution to our favorite pizza delivery boy’s story but does not say how so.


Finally, we see the five Wolves that Morgan allowed to exit Alexandria. Surely you recall that he allowed them to leave the community with a gun in hand.  Two of these Wolves attack Rick in the RV, but Rick manages to take them both out “Nebraska” style.  He then sees the other three lurking alongside the RV.  Too late for them.  Rick fires at them through the RV, problem solved.  Or is it?  We then see walkers approaching the RV from all sides!  We are left rubbing our heads trying to figure out a way that Rick can survive this dilemma.

So what is our final death count for The Walking Dead season 6 episode 3?

(As always, I consider the Wolves to be sub-human and will thus give them a separate category.)

Wolves: 5 unnamed scumbags

Humans: 5 (can’t bring myself to say 6)

  • Whiny Finger-Pointing Alexandrian
  • Sturgess
  • Annie
  • David
  • Nicholas

That’s right.  I’m leaving Glenn out of the count until he gets The Talking Dead “In Memoriam” tribute he most certainly deserves.  Call it denial, but maybe Mr. Gimple will consider Yvette Nicole Brown’s idea about the “roll under the dumpster” escape plan? Okay, just hand me the tissues.

Until next week…

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