Man kills friend after binge watching The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead - AMC /

Sometimes, the world of The Walking Dead feels so real that you can imagine what it would be like to survive in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.  After watching several episodes, your mind can make you afraid of the dark and become paranoid by any noises in the night.

Sadly, The Walking Dead got a little too real for a New Mexico man recently according to a report on the USA Today website.

USA Today claims that 23 year old Damon Perry had been binge watching AMC’s The Walking Dead on Netflix while drinking heavily when his friend Christopher Paquin appeared to change into a zombie.  Perry claims that Paquin attempted to bite him during the struggle, with Perry fighting back with anything he could find in the apartment.   This resulted in him beating his friend to death with an electric guitar, microwave oven, and other various items.

Walkers - The Walking Dead - Gene Page/AMC
Walkers – The Walking Dead – Gene Page/AMC /

The Police in Grants, New Mexico arrived on the scene to find Perry restrained by maintenance workers at the apartment complex after threatening people with a knife.  After searching the area, the found Paquin’s body.  After being arrested, Perry was charged with an open count of murder and is being held at the Cibola County Detention Center in New Mexico.

This is just a reminder that The Walking Dead is a fictional show.  Although it is a very intense and dramatic program, the events that happen on the hit AMC zombie survival drama are completely made up and have no basis in reality.

Tragic events like this should also urge people to drink responsibly and think before acting.  Undead Walking’s thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Christopher Paquin following this horrible incident.

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