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The Walking Dead title - AMC
The Walking Dead title - AMC /

There was a very intense moment during season 6 episode 3 of The Walking Dead that left fans with their jaws on the ground.  In fact, that is still the most talked about part of the series right now.  But what did you feel when it happened?  What expressions did you make?  And were you able to keep your composure?


If you’re still reading, you know the moment that we’re talking about.  Of course, the moment in question invovles longtime character Glenn Rhee falling off a dumpster with Nicholas into a horde of walkers.  Fans have gotten very attached to Glenn over his 6 seasons on AMC’s hit zombie survival drama, even though he’s not one of the more talked about characters.

Thanks to YouTube user AdikTheOne, we got one video  showing 14 different YouTube videos responding to that single moment on The Walking Dead.  Here is that video:

Also, Skybound released their favorite reaction videos on their YouTube account as well.  Here is that video:

My personal favorite is the gentleman who was unable to contain himself, so he just got up and left.  Even though I had already read the spoilers and had known what would happen, I still found myself choking up a bit at the thought of losing one of my favorite characters on the show.  While I’d never walk out of the room unless it was a real emergency, I can understand his response to the video as well as the others.

Which reaction was your favorite?  Which one was closest to yours?  Ans were you one of the ones that couldn’t contain yourself after seeing the segment?  Let us know in the comments below.

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