The Walking Dead actor removed from opening credits

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One regular cast member of AMC’s The Walking Dead had their name not appear during the opening credits of the hit zombie survival drama this week.

In the midst of one of the most exciting yet controversial seasons of The Walking Dead yet, the hit AMC show has removed the names of popular actor Steven Yeun from the opening credits.

Here is a video from our friends at wochit Entertainment on YouTube explaining the situation:

This comes after a one week after an episode where Glenn Rhee (the character played by Steven Yeun) was put in a life or death situation where he was surrounded by guts and gore, leaving fans not sure whether the longtime character was alive or dead.

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Despite hope that Glenn will survive and some

hints that he is still is from the folks at Talking Dead

, the removing of his name in the credits is either a really cruel trick from AMC or proof that the character is actually dead.  Since this week’s episode focused on Morgan Jones’ backstory and didn’t explain any of the events regarding Glenn, fans are left to wonder about the fate of one of the most popular characters on The Walking Dead.

Personally, I think this is a move by AMC to throw off fans, as I do personally believe that we will see Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee again on The Walking Dead.  However, it is the details that the showrunners always seem to get right, and if they expected the internet community and fans to get riled up over such a small thing to get people talking, they guessed correctly.

You can catch The Walking Dead when it returns to AMC on November 8, 2015 with episode 5 of season 6, titled “Now”.  Check your local listings for time and availability.