The Walking Dead: Negan cast and the collective fandom goes wild!


Negan is finally cast and the collective Walking Dead fandom is going wild on social media. The reaction to Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan is overwhelmingly positive.

Check out the casting news: Jeffrey Dean Morgan cast as Negan 

Earlier today it was announced that Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been cast to play the infamous comic villain. Skybound’s official website,  WalkingDead.Com, describes its villain this way:

"In the comics, Negan is the notorious foul-mouthed leader of a group called the Saviors. They use fear to rule over Negan’s community and enslave women to be his many “wives.” The Saviors were ordered to attack neighboring communities if an ongoing ransom wasn’t paid and savagely beat *SPOILER* to death in front of the surviving members of Rick Grime’s unwavering group. What ensued was an all out war sure to play out in Season 7. He’s most notably known for his barbed-wire bat, Lucille, who plays a HUGE role in the story."

Fans are looking forward to the season 6 finale as Negan’s possible introduction to the series and speculating about how he will shake things up. How the show will deal with his foul mouth and who will be on the other end of the blows from Lucille.

Here are some of the tons of tweets flying in under #thewalkingdead, #twd, #Negan, and #Neganiscoming:

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