The Walking Dead: My case for Abraham and Sasha-P.S. Rosita will be fine

Abraham Ford. The Walking Dead. AMC
Abraham Ford. The Walking Dead. AMC /

Now that the surprise of Abraham Ford’s  play for Sasha Williams has subsided, I have many reasons that Abraham and Sasha just might be the perfect couple on The Walking Dead. And Rosita will be fine, I’ll get that out of the way first.

Ever since Eugene confessed his lie and Abraham slapped the water bottle out of Rosita’s hand, I’ve been under the impression that Rosita and Abraham had cooled their romantic relationship. When they arrived in Alexandria and Abraham and Rosita attended the welcome party together, my thoughts were that they had become friends.

Abraham apologized to Eugene and apologized to Rosita fearing that they both feared him. The mission ending ended the relationships as they were and created 3 friends who were part of this new larger group of survivors with a new mission.

Now, moving on to Sasha. I was thinking of Michonne from Abraham’s conversation with her at the welcome party, but Sasha has some things that make sense to attract Abraham. Abe didn’t know Michonne in her grief. He has watched Sasha go from happy, tough survivor to lost, dazed survivor to now calm and focused survivor.

Those are the things Abraham wants for himself. The theme of the world not being over has popped up over and over in the last few episodes. The threat of life ending any time, any place still looms, but the possibility of there being time here surviving is also present. And people are important.

Sasha Williams and Abraham Ford. The Walking Dead. AMC
Sasha Williams and Abraham Ford. The Walking Dead. AMC /

It’s not a 3 person mission anymore where Abe is the boss. He has learned to trust Rick and the others and look forward in a broad sense, not with such tunnel vision. Rosita was a great ally to Abraham during the trip from Texas to Georgia. She supported him. And he needed her support. They helped each other survive.

Now that they are a big group, Abraham is free from needing unconditional support. He’s no longer suicidal nor laser focused on a mission. He’s in a place of introspection. Sasha provides support in a much different way. She’s able to tell him the way it is. Rosita didn’t have that luxury.

Sasha speaks from experience. She can tell him how it was for her and let him know what he needs to do. She’s Abraham’s Eastman. After Abe faces himself in the mirror looking at the military walker (the way Michonne looked the dread locked walker in the face), he decides he wants to live and survive as many days as he can in this world and stop distracting himself.

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My case for Abraham and Sasha is built on the fact that everything Abraham did and said to make his play for Sasha was about Sasha. Not about Abraham. He said he liked how she called bullshit. He said he wanted to GET TO KNOW HER! That implies the focus is on her and that it will take time.

He dressed in that uniform for her. It made him feel proud of himself, but he wanted to make himself more attractive and more appealing to her. Abraham is usually about Abraham. Bossing people around. Making people do things for him.  He knows he won’t be able to boss Sasha.

This is a big step for Abe. He has someone that he finds appealing and who is not afraid of him. His family feared him. Rosita and Eugene feared him. He liked being feared in some ways. In some ways he started to fear himself. Sasha doesn’t fear him, and she can help him not fear himself or opening up to someone. Abe can smile for the right reasons again.