The Walking Dead: Fan Artists pay tribute to individual episodes


Many fan artists pay tribute to characters from AMC’s popular show The Walking Dead. Recently, artists have been creating tributes to episodes.

Kirk ManleyEric Keyes, and Lucia Franciosa have been fan artists of The Walking Dead for a while now. I wrote about each of them last season. They have very different styles. Eric has a cartoon style and Kirk’s style is more graphic. I call him my Walking Dead El Greco. He work has many similarities to mannerism. Lucia’s style is graphic with movement and emotion.

Toward the end of season 5, both artists started to do tribute pieces that represented episodes rather than characters, which is what you see with most fan art.

Eric Keyes
Eric Keyes /

Eric started his tributes with some comical cartoon type pictures and what he called his minis collection, which were the characters as they were in the season 5 episodes with very round heads and simple facial features. These were adorable and very popular on Twitter. Some other very popular panels were plays on scenes from the show such as  Carol telling little Sam a bedtime story.

Eric Keyes
Eric Keyes /

This season, Eric started to use the idea of the mini character images and put them in episode panels. He chooses a particular defining moment from the episode to depict and a quote to go along with it. The series is just as adorable as the minis and a neat reminder of the episodes in the season. For more of Eric’s art, please follow him on Twitter or check his pictures on Twitter.

jss_final_by_batmankm /

Kirk Manley does tribute art for each episode as well. His art is more dense and complex. Every inch of the piece has something to tell the viewer about the episode. Like El Greco, my artist comparison for Kirk, the colors, shapes and placement of the objects keep your eyes moving in a way that helps them move and stop to take in the small detailed segments without being overwhelmed by the whole. And the composition of the whole is so dynamic, it captures you and captures the essence of the characters and the important pieces of the episode.

All of Kirk’s tribute art can be found in his Deviant Art Gallery.

Lucia Franciosa
Lucia Franciosa. /

Lucia Franciosa from Italy has been a fan artist of Walking Dead characters, and this season she has also been inspired to draw tributes to episodes. Her art is quite moving and emotional as it captures important feelings and moments from the episodes. She uses color, size and symbolic placement to elicit the proper response to the episode.  You can find Lucia’s tribute art on her Twitter.

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