The Walking Dead comic book #149 recap and review

The Walking Dead 149 - Image and Skybound
The Walking Dead 149 - Image and Skybound /

The Walking Dead Comic book issue #149 is titled ‘The Devil On Your Shoulder’ from Image and Skybound. Here is a recap of what happened and a review.

Today, issue #149 of The Walking Dead‘s comic book series was released and it appears as though things could go very wrong at any time for everyone within its pages.

However, before we talk about how good or bad the stuff and things in this issue are, let’s break down what we learned this month.



The comic kicks off with Rick Grimes talking to Negan. The concept of Rick asking for advice absolutely elates Negan, but Rick says that he’ll never open the cage with Negan inside.

Meanwhile, Laura is talking to Dwight about being the leader of the Saviors. She tells him that the group either want him or Negan in control and that they don’t trust Rick Grimes. Dwight says he’s still unsure that he’s the guy for the job. She then realizes that he’s still very hung up over Sherry and calls him a name that I can’t write here. Laura then kisses him and lets him know that everyone in the community appreciates him. Dwight apologizes and leaves the room.

Eduardo meets Lydia, Carl, and Andrea at the entrance to the Hilltop Colony. Andrea tells him that NOBODY can know that Lydia is being hidden here. Lydia apologizes to Carl about pulling a gun on Andrea earlier and Carl apologizes back. The two share an embrace and Lydia tells him that he is the best. Carl says that he has to be because of his father.

The Walking Dead 149 cover - Skybound and Image Comics
The Walking Dead 149 cover – Skybound and Image Comics /

Back in Alexandria, Maggie, Hershel and Brianna have taken to hiding away in an apartment to avoid the angry crowd. Eugene also attempts to use the radio, but was unsuccessful.

Rick is still talking to Negan about The Whisperers. Negan wants to know if The Whisperers are “us” or if they are “them”. Rick gets up to leave, but is persuaded to stay as Negan shares some tips about being a leader. Negan tells him that lying is okay to keep people happy and safe. As Rick leaves, Negan smiles.

Josh’s parents Vincent and Julia are trying to figure out how to cope with the loss of their son. Vincent expresses his sadness through anger and is mad that his son never got to grow up to be an adult. They are met by Morton and his son.

Rick approaches Eugene. Eugene tells him that the radio is functioning properly, but there is nobody responding. Rick tells him that he wants Alexandria to form a military and train them to be prepared for war with The Whisperers.

Finally, at The Sanctuary, Dwight goes to his closet and bring out Lucille.


Overall, things are really heating up in the world of The Walking Dead. It looks like Dwight might be ready to embrace leadership, Rick is going to prepare the Alexandrians for war, and things might go wrong at any moment.

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Perhaps the most interesting thing happening involves Rick Grimes being willing to listen to Negan about being a leader. Negan ruled his people through intimidation and Rick isn’t really that kind of leader. However, Rick feels like he’s losing control of his people and might be willing to try anything to get them back on his side.

All of this is a great buildup to issue #150, which I expect will be a game-changer in the universe of The Walking Dead. Nothing in this issue was ground breaking or astounding, but the thought of what could happen next should be enough to make fans look forward to next month’s issue with bated breath.

The Walking Dead issue #150 is titled “Betrayed” and has a scary cover with Rick Grimes covered in blood. It will hit newsstands on January 13, 2016.