The Walking Dead: Michael Cudlitz and Sonequa Martin-Green on an island

Abraham Ford and Sasha Williams, The Walking Dead - AMC
Abraham Ford and Sasha Williams, The Walking Dead - AMC /

Michael Cudlitz and Sonequa Martin-Green visited the beautiful island of Puerto Rico to discuss The Walking Dead with WAPA TV.

Primera Hora lifestyle newspaper shared the interview from WAPA TV. Both Michael Cudlitz and Sonequa Martin-Green seem very relaxed in the interviews and gave some interesting answers and insights not often seen in talk show or red carpet interviews.

In the video Micheal talks about the immense popularity and intensity of the fans. Primera Hora shares in the text of the article a silly response by Cudlitz that he would bite back, if a fan bit him, referring to the recent incident with Norman Reedus.

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Sonequa talks in the video about the very diverse fan reaction to her potential relationship with Abraham. Some fans are for it and some tell her to stay away from him-he’s no good. According to Primera Hora, both are coy and just say we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

The thing I found most interesting that came out of both actors’ answers in some way was the concept of truth, la verdad, since they are in Puerto Rico. Both seemed to think that it’s important to treat the situation as if it’s as real as possible in order to make the audience feel and to tell character stories.

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Sonequa brought up the moment that Rick tells bicycle girl that he’s sorry this happened to her as a way of illustrating that The Walking Dead goes beyond being a zombie show. Cudlitz brought up a scene where he was talking to Glenn about how difficult it should be to kill, but how easy it has become.

Please watch the video to see Mr. Cudlitz and Ms, Martin-Green speak for themselves. If you speak Spanish, click here to read La Primera Hora’s write-up of the interview.