The Walking Dead: Most memorable walkers, number 17

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Our readers have chosen their top 20 most memorable walkers from AMC’S The Walking Dead.  Here are the two walkers who roamed into the number 17 position.

One walker ate his fill and one walker looks like he couldn’t eat anything without it falling out. Lori’s walker (Alex Wayne) and a member of the Alexandria herd (Skip Bartlett) that stands out from the crowd take spot number 17 on the list of most memorable walkers.

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Lori’s Walker

After Lori gave birth and Carl put her down so she wouldn’t turn, Rick went back to find her. He didn’t find her; he found signs of her-blood and hair. CSI: Georgia Prison.

The other obvious physical evidence in the absence of a forensic team, was a bloated walker taking a snooze. He had Lori all to himself and his walker synapses weren’t firing to let him know he was full. Rick shot and stabbed the walker out of frustration and grief.

Flippy Floppy Jaw Walker

Alexandria walker. Skip Bartlett. The Walking Dead. AMC
Alexandria walker. Skip Bartlett. The Walking Dead. AMC /

More recently, in the midseason finale of season 6, the herd that invaded Alexandria had a walker that really made an impression. He looked like he’d have a hard time eating. His jaw has had some trauma along with his chest.

Perhaps someone fought him off before and perhaps got something caught in his mouth or maybe he was biting someone and they pulled away and ripped his jaw in the process. Whatever happened, he’s got a floppy alligator mouth now, poor thing.

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I hope he has enough of whatever brain power and hunger instinct is left to figure out he can use his hands to put food in his mouth. Chewing is another story. He might have to break up his food into smaller toddler-walker sized chunks.

Or maybe he’ll run into Carol and he won’t have to worry about a thing. Cue the Stevie Wonder song!

Bloated Stomach and Dangle Jaw drop in on the list at number 17.