The Walking Dead: Most memorable walkers, number 19

Burned walkers at the grove. The Walking Dead. AMC
Burned walkers at the grove. The Walking Dead. AMC /

Our readers have chosen their top 20 most memorable walkers from AMC’S The Walking Dead.  Here are  the walkers who landed in the number 19 position.

In the very memorable episode of The Walking Dead, The Grove, we find some memorable walkers. Fire, smoke and killing played important roles in the episode. Tyreese and Carol smelled smoke from a distant fire. Mika taught Carol that black smoke means the fire is still burning and white smoke means the fire is out.

Tyreese learns that Carol was the one who killed and burned Karen and David. They had a beautiful fire in the fireplace and a hurricane lamp on the table, boiling water in copper kettles, roasting pecans.

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When Lizzie went to the railroad tracks to feed the walker stuck in the track a few little rats and Mika went out to talk some sense into her, they ended up running back to the house in the grove chased by some spectacular red and black charcoal broiled and still smoking walkers.

Burned walker. The Walking Dead. AMC
Burned walker. The Walking Dead. AMC /

I think something that makes walkers so fabulous is, despite their moaning, groaning and reaching for human food that is their nature, they don’t moan or groan from any of the damage that has been done to them from the environment or weapons, save the head trauma, they just keep coming.

So we see them charred and burned and smoking, but not really bothered by that nuisance. They just want some Mika and Lizzie sandwiches. No stop, drop, and roll for them. Nobody is tossing blankets around them, worried about their safety.

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On Talking Dead that night, Greg Nicotero divulged that they had “four “super crispy” and four “medium crispy” walkers with varying degrees of charred-ness.” (via Wetpaint)

Lizzie found she needed to kill the walkers sometimes and she helped kill those crispy walkers to save her sister.  But the lesson didn’t stick as we know. She was intent on proving the walkers wanted to be her friend and ended up looking at the flowers.

At number 19 we pay tribute to those smoking hot walkers in The Grove!