The Walking Dead: Most memorable walkers, number 14

The Governor. The Walking Dead. AMC
The Governor. The Walking Dead. AMC /

Our readers have chosen their top 20 most memorable walkers from AMC’S The Walking Dead.  Our number 14 spot goes to the walker heads the Governor kept in fish tanks.

The Governor gave us all kinds of memorable things related to the walkers. He gave us a new name for them. The people of Woodbury called them biters. We had biter pits so the good people of Woodbury could have some high drama entertainment in the arena with Merle and Martinez and some, ironically, toothless biters.

Milton did experiments on the biters to see if there was any memory at all in the zombies once they made the transformation. He had rudimentary laboratory in the middle of Woodbury with singing bowls, patient beds and meticulous records.

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The Governor kept his daughter, Penny, in a cage of sorts in the wall and fed her. He brushed her hair, sang to her. He became frustrated with her because she no longer knew who he was. She couldn’t return the love. He was no longer a father to her.

The Governor. Tank heads. The Walking Dead. AMC
The Governor. Tank heads. The Walking Dead. AMC /

All of these biter examples aside, The Governor brought us one of the most shocking images of all. His wall of fish tanks containing live biter heads. More like a wall of flat screen televisions at a sports bar.

He had his beautiful leather chair positioned just so, guaranteeing a perfect viewing spot to relax after a hard day governing. Michonne’s pets became Phillip’s pets after she cut off their heads to prevent them from drawing attention to her and Andrea before Merle found them.

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Phillip’s entire office was a room full of irony and paradox. Supposedly, keeping the heads to remind him of the danger outside, yet keeping his daughter and supporting Milton to find the spark left inside them. He lost his eye at the hands of Michonne with glass from the tanks that he kept Michonne’s pets in, so the danger was inside and not outside.

Disclaimer: I’m not a good one to write about The Governor. Sorry, Governor fans. I just never bought his thick, fake charm.