The Walking Dead: Most memorable walkers. number 15

Riot gear prison walkers. The Walking Dead. AMC
Riot gear prison walkers. The Walking Dead. AMC /

Our readers have chosen their top 20 most memorable walkers from AMC’S The Walking Dead.  We had a five-way tie for the number 15 spot.

Prison Riot Gear Walkers

Maggie Greene. Riot gear walker. The Walking Dead. AMC
Maggie Greene. Riot gear walker. The Walking Dead. AMC /

After a long winter on the road after the farm fire, the group finally found what seemed to be a refuge in a prison. A place to settle. A place to have a baby. But they needed to clear the former residents of the prison first. After the yard had been cleared, they moved toward the inside. A few walkers in riot gear were next in line as obstacles to gaining entry to their new home.

The riot gear was also an obstacle to gaining entry to the brain, making it more difficult to kill these walkers. But Maggie made the boss up-close and personal move of going under the face shield and stabbing them in the chin. A kill so exhilarating, memes of her reaction are still used all the time.

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Jenny Jones

Jenny Jones. The Walking Dead. AMC
Jenny Jones. The Walking Dead. AMC /

Poor Jenny. Morgan’s wife. Destined to roam the neighborhood in her nightgown. She still looked lovely and she looked lost. She was really just looking for food, but she looked lonely and lost, reflecting Morgan and Duane’s feelings as they remained in the town with her– lonely and lost living among the dead, instead of finding and new life with the living. Jenny was played by Keisha Tillis.

Jim Carrey Bus Walker

Bus walker. The Walking Dead. AMC
Bus walker. The Walking Dead. AMC /

Aside from the celebrity resemblance, this walker stood out right away as a memorable walker, after he stood up and exited the bus after Rick rode into Atlanta on the horse.

This walker (Joe Giles) had all the great walker qualities I love. He had a strong jaw-even an underbite. A wicked lean. And he even looked almost directly into the camera at the audience as if to introduce us to what great walkers are all about.

The Walker of One of Noah’s Twin Brothers

Noah's brother. The Walking Dead. AMC
Noah’s brother. The Walking Dead. AMC /

Xavion Shelton played the brother of Noah who lived in Shirewilt Estates. The group traveled to Noah’s home after Beth died. Tyreese had just witnessed the sadness of Noah finding his town, his home and his mom destroyed.

Tyreese had been dealing with his own losses for quite some time and was tired. Tyreese’s mind got lost in the peace of the photographs of the peaceful world lost. Noah’s brother’s walker just walked up and bit Tyreese’s arm starting a process that blended the violence of this world and the peace he longed for eventually giving Tyreese the opportunity to choose peace.

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Tree Intestines Walker

Stephen Vining . Walker. The Walking Dead. AMC
Stephen Vining . Walker. The Walking Dead. AMC /

Another version of a tree walker makes the list. This one gets a bite of someone! Stephen Vining, who plays several season 5 and 6 walkers plays the red gray-haired walker who somehow got his insides tangled up with a tree. Home boy had a comb before he turned!

This poor old man has had something happen where he’s stuck hugging the tree by the intestines so isn’t well fed. The weather seems to have burned and stripped his fragile skin (He lost his shirt long ago!) so he has a very red appearance.

When Carter walks by, old gray hair politely taps him on the shoulder and pulls him in for a bite. The bite excites the walker whose arms start moving like the robot in Lost in Space. Danger Will Robinson!