The Walking Dead: Most memorable walkers, number 16

Fire at Terminus. The Walking Dead. AMC
Fire at Terminus. The Walking Dead. AMC /

Our readers have chosen their top 20 most memorable walkers from AMC’S The Walking Dead.  We had a three-way tie for the number 16 space.

Fire Walkers at Terminus

Melted faces. Terminus fire walkers. The Walking Dead. AMC
Melted faces. Terminus fire walkers. The Walking Dead. AMC /

This wasn’t the first time we had seen walkers on fire and it won’t be the last, but some of the things we saw at Terminus related to the fire were still quite spectacular and memorable. Flying Cirque du Soleil flaming walkers came bursting out of an orange cloud of fire, smoke, and debris. Walking zombies on fire followed by flames like paintings of flames on the side of a car. And the most phenomenal effect of all, the melting faces of the poor victims of the walker bites turning glossy and smooth-an instant bloody facelift.

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RV Walker

RV walker. The Walking Dead. AMC
RV walker. The Walking Dead. AMC /

He was one of the first individual walkers since a few in Atlanta that we saw up close for any length of time. The group was stopped on the highway after the CDC when the walker parade came through town. The group was hiding under cars by now and Andrea was trying to learn how to put a gun back together inside the RV.

When she realized the parade was coming through, she hid in the bathroom trying to speed up her learning. A walker came in looking for some company. Finding none, he decided to leave. Andrea dropped something. Noise. We know what that means.

Thankfully, Dale was on the roof of the RV and dropped a screwdriver to Andrea and she was able to kill him with a flathead to the eyeball. RV walker represents a big transition for Andrea. He’s the death she wanted to avoid when she was going to stay at the CDC and he’s the spark for her decision to survive. (RV walker played by Travis Charpentier.)


Penny Blake (Kylie Szymanski) was The Governor’s daughter. He kept her locked up and fed her, brushed her hair, sang to her and took care of her. I have a hard time being unbiased about the Governor. Many feel that Penny shows that The Governor had a soft side and that Michonne killing Penny was part of his decline.

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I feel that The Governor missed the love he felt from Penny, but he was smart enough to know the walkers aren’t themselves. When she couldn’t give him that love anymore, it frustrated him.

Penny Blake. The Walking Dead . AMC
Penny Blake. The Walking Dead . AMC /

Penny reminded us as viewers that the walkers aren’t people. They can look like innocent children and we can want them to be the people they once were all we want, but they aren’t.  We can sing to them and brush their hair, but they will snarl at us just the same.

They are walkers. And the essence of walkers is that they are eating machines that look like people. They have no emotions or malevolent intentions. They don’t mean to break our hearts when we look at them and see the people we once loved. Those people are gone. The walkers are just wearing a costume of them.