The Walking Dead: Most memorable walkers, number 5

Lone walker. The Walking Dead. AMC
Lone walker. The Walking Dead. AMC /

Our readers have chosen their top 20 most memorable walkers from AMC’S The Walking Dead.  The lone walker in a field takes the number 5 spot.

This list is for memorable walkers. What makes this walker memorable? We don’t even know what he looks like. We know nothing about who he was. He’s not a threat to anyone. Nobody killed him. He’s not cool looking or gross looking.

We see this walker strolling along by himself while Rick and Shane are driving in the car to take Randall 18 miles out to drop him off and abandon him. Shane just stares at him.

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There’s a lot to be taken from this walker that I think made him memorable. Robert Kirkman commented about it to Entertainment Weekly at the time.

Shane. The Walking Dead - AMC
Shane. The Walking Dead – AMC /

“We’re really just trying to show that that kind of thing is inescapable. You’re just driving down the street, you look over and, “Oh, there you go, there’s a zombie.” We’re trying to show that this world is becoming more and more populated by zombies. Our thinking is that large population centers like Atlanta are really where the heart of this began and as [Rick and crew] moved out to Hershel’s farm they didn’t really encounter very many walkers because they are moving out of the city center at a faster rate than the zombie population. And that zombie population is starting to catch up with them. The area is starting to become more and more dense with walkers.”

Lone walker. The Walking Dead - AMC
Lone walker. The Walking Dead – AMC /

That all makes sense. Artistically, it ended up being a lot more than that. It did show that you can’t get away from them. Even inside of a car on a peaceful drive your life is controlled by them. The topic of conversation was the walkers. Then looking out the window at the field for miles, it’s like when you’re a kid and all of a sudden you see a horse or a cow. The walkers have become part of nature.

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Whether it was intentional or not, I think most people associated the lone walker with the lonely feeling of Shane who felt lost even with his own best friend. The walkers are lost. They could be walking with their best friends and family and still be lost. They aren’t themselves anymore.

The world they knew is gone. The friendship Rick and Shane had is gone. I think the lone walker is so memorable because he was a moment of peace and relaxed muscles for the audience . As close to silence as we get on The Walking Dead.