The Walking Dead: Christmases before the apocalypse

Pine branch. Pixabay.
Pine branch. Pixabay. /

We haven’t seen a Christmas episode of The Walking Dead and never will, but we can try to imagine what Christmas was like before the walkers came.

Let’s think about how our survivors from The Walking Dead might have celebrated the holidays before the walkers came. I was thinking about how to do this and I’m thinking about deciding what kind of trees or decorations they would have, what guests, and how they would get along or enjoy the holidays. Let’s see if that works!

So I’ll take each of those categories and plug in a few characters and see if we can get a picture of how Christmas looked for some of our survivors before they knew each other and before they changed into the people we know now.

Decorations and Trees

Greene Family: Real tree, multicolored lights, lots of additional country decorations and home-made ornaments.

Grimes Family: Fake tree, multicolored lights, lots of additional colorful decorations and home-made ornaments.

Shane: No tree. Maybe a decoration from a Secret Santa at work or a girlfriend.

Peletier Family: Fake tree, multicolored lights. Some other decorations.

Andrea: Fake tree, white lights. Wreath.

Michonne: Real tree, white lights. Wreath. Other red, silver and gold decorations.

The Governor’s family: Fake tree, white lights. Wreath.

Dixons: White tree. Lots of red and green decorations.

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Guests and Congeniality

Greene Family: Friends, neighbors, family. Got along great, loved Christmas.

Grimes Family: Friends, family. Very cordial, loved Christmas.

Peletier Family: Family. Tense, cordiality, hated Christmas.

Dixons: Family and friends. Loud, friendly arguing, loved and hated Christmas.

The Governor’s family: Family. Cordial. Indifferent toward Christmas.

Michonne/Andrea: Friends. Polite, cordial debate, loved Christmas.

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What do you think? Am I way off target? What do you think Christmas looked like for any of our survivors? Did they have Secret Santa at work? Did Carl have trouble falling asleep waiting for Santa? Did they watch favorite Christmas movies together?  Did they love to shop and wrap presents? Who were the early shoppers and who were the last-minute shoppers?

We’ll never know what Christmas was really like or any other holidays. And they don’t celebrate holidays anymore. But it’s fun to imagine!