The Walking Dead: Ring in the New Year with a marathon

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AMC will be hosting a marathon for their New Year’s Eve party. Join them for multiple episodes of The Walking Dead while you stay in or get ready to go out.

The menorahs have been put away, Santa is back at the North Pole, school is still out, gifts are being enjoyed or returned, resolutions are little sparks flying around our noggins, but we still have time before we have to really start them. It’s that great time right before the old year ends and a new one begins.

It’s also, drum roll, please…marathon time! Last year’s New Year’s marathon was when I found lots of my The Walking Dead Twitter pals through the marathon hashtag. It was before I found Undead Walking, Twitter led me here, too. The marathon was so much fun!

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This year we have a marathon again, I’ve already been asked on Twitter if there will be one and the answer is YES! I’m not sure why, but they are starting with season 2 and skipping season 1 altogether.

The marathon begins at 2pm est/1 pm C. on Tuesday, December 29th with Season 2, Episode 1, “What Lies Ahead”. It continues each day through January 2nd taking us through Season 6.

We will ring in the New Year with sadness. Depending on your time zone, we will be at some point in the hospital story with Beth.

Be sure to tune in at some time during your week, either while your going in and out of the house returning gifts and seeing Star Wars, or making it a pajama and snack filled event of its own. Twitter hashtags are usually #Twdmarathon and #TheWalkingDeadMarathon. Check the screen to see if AMC creates a special hashtag.