The Walking Dead: AMC’S 12 Days of Dead Giveaway


AMC is hosting a 12 Days of Dead Giveaway starting December 21st through January 1st leading into the New Year.

Are you finished with your holiday shopping? Still have tons left to do? Let AMC give you a gift!  AMC is hosting an impressive giveaway on Twitter for the next 12 days, appropriately named The Walking Dead‘s 12 Days of Dead Giveaway.

Each day boasts a great prize bundle of The Walking Dead merchandise. According to AMC it’s easy to enter! “All you have to do is follow @WalkingDead_AMC on Twitter, look for the latest giveaway tweet marked with the hashtags #twd12Days and #sweeps, then retweet it for your chance to win.”

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On the first day of Christmas AMC might give to me…a stocking and The Walking Dead ornaments in my Christmas tree! On the second day of Christmas AMC might give to me…

I’d love to win the 7th day. The pop up book looks really sweet. I just ordered a silver walker t-shirt. That’s Joseph Hardin so, if you win the 8th day, you know who you’re wearing! Day 9 would be awesome, too; I love Michonne. Who am I kidding? Any day would be great!

I hope a true pet lover wins day 5!

The prizes are listed below (via AMC):

Day 1 (12/21)
• Daryl Dixon Keepsake Ornament from Hallmark
• Walker Ornament
• Disc Ornaments
• Christmas Stockings

Day 2 (12/22)
• ZPak (Zombie Preparedness Apocalypse Kit)
• 2016 Walkers Calendar
• Walker T-Shirt

Day 3 (12/23)
• Dart Board
• Trivia Box
• Puzzle

Day 4 (12/24)
• Walker Hand Lamp
• Tervis Tumbler

Day 5 (12/25)
• Pet Shirt
• Well Walker Pet Toy
• Collar

Day 6 (12/26)
• T-Shirt
• Carol Funko
• Morgan Impaled Walker Set

Day 7 (12/27)
The Walking Dead Pop-Up Book
The Walking Dead Journals set of 4

Day 8 (12/28)
The Walking Dead Hat
The Walking Dead Hoodie from Madison Square Garden
• Silver Walker T-shirt from Madison Square Garden

Day 9 (12/29)
• Michonne 10” Figure
• Michonne Katana Bag
• Grey Skulled Out Wrap Bracelet

Day 10 (12/30)
• Daryl Messenger Bag
• Dixon Chopper T-Shirt
• Daryl’s Bike Funko

Day 11 (12/31)
• Ricktatorship T-Shirt
The Walking Dead Hospital Doors Construction Set
• Sheriff Backpack

Day 12 (1/1)
• Season 1 – Season 4 DVD
Season 5 Limited Edition DVD Set

So check Twitter every day and be sure to retweet the giveaway tweet. Undead Walking will be sure to retweet as well to remind you, and we wouldn’t mind winning either! Thanks AMC for a fantastic 12 Days of Dead Giveaway!

The contest is for US residents. One entry per Twitter account per day. Official rules here.